Tyler Baltierra Has “a Lot to be Happy About”

Tyler Baltierra

Catelynn Lowell’s mother recently revealed that Cate and Ty are expecting a baby! According to April Catelynn is about 6 weeks along now. The two haven’t officially made a statement about the pregnancy publicly yet but they certainly aren’t denying it. Tyler recently posted this photo to instagram stating “I have a lot to be happy about. But to be honest, nothing makes me happier than having a beautiful, strong, & nurturing fiance that I have been blessed with. I LOVE YOU CATELYNN LOWELL!#ThatsTheFaceWhen #IThinkOfHer

Since Tyler referred to Catelynn as his fiance it seems like they do still intend to get married eventually. (Maybe before the baby is born??) Catelynn and Tyler did come forward last month with the news that they were trying to have a baby. The fact that they aren’t married raised concerns but Catelynn quickly defended herself. “I’m an adult and I can tell when I’m ready and [I don’t care] what ANYONE says, I’m gonna do me! We ARE READY for a baby.” I think it’s safe to say that these two are very excited to be parents.

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