Jenelle EvansRecently ‘Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans and ’16 & Pregnant’s Danielle Cunningham had yet another Twitter war. It all started when Jenelle’s website reported that Danielle was smoking weed with her children in the house. Danielle posted a photo of herself smoking a joint but she says that her children were not with her while she was smoking.

Several people started tweeting about Jenelle saying Danielle’s kids were ugly. Danielle posted a photo of her children stating: “Now jenelle thinks my kids are ugly? Whaaaaat! LOOK AT THEM. THEY ARE FREAKIN PERFECT.  She is mentally disturbed.Jenelle seemed to have no idea what Danielle was talking about tweeting: “Where and when did I call her kids ugly? I would LOVE to fucking know. All children r innocent and should not be made fun of in any way.

Jenelle never actually said that Danielle’s kids were ugly but… when I asked fans what they were all talking about, several people were quick to tweet me their screen shots of Jenelle “Favoriting” a tweet that calls Danielle’s children ugly.

Jenelle Evans

So that’s where this whole thing came from. She has since taken down the “favorite” but it certainly looks bad that she clicked favorite on a tweet like that at all. It’s possible that she didn’t completely read the tweet and then later realized her mistake, but she’s pretty much pretending it didn’t happen at all instead of addressing it. The whole situation is a little bit silly but for moms, bringing up children in that way is a cardinal sin. So it’s understandable that Danielle would be so angry about it.