‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Katie Yeager Gets Racy Cleavage Tattoo! (PHOTO)


Oh how I miss seeing Katie Yeager on ‘Teen Mom 3!’ Katie recently got yet another interesting tattoo, this time in a rather racy area! She took to Twitter simply stating “I got my cleavage tattooed.” And she really wasn’t kidding!

Katie got a Keyhole tattooed on her chest between her breasts at ‘Art Official Creations’ in Rock Springs, Wyoming. It’s really not visible when she’s wearing regular clothing but that doesn’t stop everyone from talking about it! Personally I think it’s pretty cute. I’m assuming it’s meaning has something to do with the key to her heart.

Katie Yeager Cleavage Tattoo

She seems to have gotten a bit of backlash for her tattoo decisions. She recently tweeted: “Newsflash: I’m a full grown independent adult who makes her own decisions. I’m no longer a Teen Mom or whatever box you want to put me into. My name is Katie. And I’m much more than that.” 

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