Jenelle Evans Baby Bump

Jenelle Evans is due to give birth to her baby boy, Kaiser, later this month but it looks like Jenelle is ready for him to come out at any time! “Any day now Kaiser. Mommy ribs r about to break.. Seriously.” Jenelle tweeted along with the photo above. She also recently dealt with a nasty rumor going around about little Kaiser.

Some horrible person out there in the internet world decided to start telling people that Jenelle’s baby died. She quickly stomped that rumor, so everyone can rest assured that Jenelle’s little one is still safe and sound in her bulging belly. “I think all these people r just really mad I’m finally happy and staying this way. Sucks to be u. ” Jenelle tweets.

It’s crazy how fast her baby bump has grown so lets take a look at her best prego selfies! 

Check out photos from Jenelle’s Baby Shower HERE.

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