Maci Bookout Owes IRS $78,000 in Back Taxes!


Out of all the ladies featured on ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout seemed to be the most responsible and mature. However it looks like the mother of one hasn’t been paying her taxes! In Touch Weekly is reporting that Maci owes the IRS $78,308 in back taxes.

It looks like MTV paychecks don’t take out taxes for their stars, as Kailyn tweeted something about owing thousands of dollars in taxes just last year. According to a source that spoke with In Touch Maci is “in denial” about her enormous debt.

Looking back it’s not hard to see where the young reality star went wrong. She’s taken countless vacations with friends all over the US and it’s been said that she paid for the friends to fly and stay in hotels with her. It was even revealed that Maci paid the rent for her roommates when they couldn’t afford it on the special “Being Maci.” She should have been putting away a large chunk of her ‘Teen Mom’ income for tax time but it doesn’t look like she bothered to do that.

It’s also being reported that Maci is currently unemployed and living off the money she makes from sponsored tweets.

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