Is 16 & Pregnant Scripted?

Aleah 16 & Pregnant

How much of Reality TV is actually reality? Well honestly after following this show for the past few years I can tell you it’s not very much. The girls of ‘Teen Mom’ usually say that the show represents their daily lives and their stories pretty well but consider the source, they are getting paid bank by MTV so it’s kind of important to them that you watch the show.

The 16 & Pregnant girls that don’t move on to other shows are usually more open about some of the “fake” things on the show. Several girls have come forward over the years explaining that MTV wanted there to be drama, and that a lot of scenes were completely staged.

Season 5 girl Aleah LeBeouf answered questions about her episode on after the show aired and revealed (what we all pretty much knew already) that a lot of the conversations are staged. A fan asked “Does MTV tell you what to say in some circumstances?” to which she replied “To an extent- you do have to discuss the back history that you guys didn’t see” Aleah also revealed that she sometimes had to change her clothes to make it look like it was a different day while filming.

Another behind the scenes fun fact is that apparently the 16 & Pregnant girls were expected to do their own hair and makeup for the reunion special in NYC. According to Aleah the staff only did “touch ups” on the girls.

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