Farrah Abraham Gives Her Unwanted Opinion on Catelynn Lowell’s Pregnancy!

Farrah Abraham Catelynn Lowell

In a recent interview Farrah Abraham expressed her opinions about fellow Teen Mom stars Catelynn and Tyler having a baby… and I’m pretty sure they don’t appreciate it.

I wish them all the best, but it does make me very sad to still see them make poor choices,” Farrah said told Starcasm.Net. She does her usual rambling but managed to finish up with a statement that (for the most part) makes sense: “I hope that with others, who are getting to be pregnant with their second child, that they have a home, that they have a stable financial situation and that they have a supportive family.

Catelynn quickly responded to the interview via twitter stating: “Huh bad choices?!? Hahaha I didn’t make a so called “sex tape” but WE make the bad choices? Seriously her comments made my night! #Rofl” Which is pretty much the response I expected! Tyler also responded with: “‘Poor Choices?’ I don’t recall making a porn to support my child lol! I prefer the old fashion way, working, respect, dignity and discipline


  1. Fuck farrah ur a spoiled whore u need to get ur prority right before u talk shit because da whole damn world knoes bout ur fake ass!! U dump bitch datz y u cant keep a man!!

  2. Farrah shouldn’t talk because she made bad choices by making a sex tape her daughter is be made fun of in school because of what her dumb mom did when she was a baby girl

  3. I seriously always felt sorry for Farrah but this takes the cake. Yes money is nice to have but its not everything Farrah. I think Catelyyn and Tyler will be great parents.

  4. They own their own home are financially stable and through lots of hard work they are close with their families. Farrah every excuse you have given they have covered. Also are you really one to be making these kind of statements? Pretty sure your family is in a shambles.

  5. Farrah is the last person to talk she always making bad choices…. I love tyler and catelynn

  6. Catelynn and Tyler are lucky to have this happen to them a second time. They’re finally ready to support a child. Farrah is a stupid, self righteous bitch. She is only financially, “stable,” due to the fact she’s out having sex. Selling toys! That’s it.

  7. Let’s hope Catelyn doesn’t give this kid in adoption like the first one. Hopefully she will be more responsable.

    • Placing the baby up for adoption was being responsible since they knew they could not take care of the baby properly. Maybe you should learn how to spell before criticizing someone for their awesome decision.

    • giving her baby up because she wasn’t able to take care of her emotionally or be able to support her doesn’t make her irresponsible it made her a responsible person are you really that dumb

    • She wasn’t responsible by getting pregnant as a teen but she showed how mature she was when she chose to give her baby up for adoption to someone who could take care of and provide for the child! And also keeps in touch with the child! I don’t think anything negative can be said about Caitlin and Tyler and the decision they made!

  8. She ain’t no one special cause is so ungrateful in so many ways. Special when all her mother has to do is try to help her with her child while was in school. God will get her soul. Cathlee has always been with the same boy or man for years and she made the right choice and she was not being selfish any way

  9. Farrah makes more bad choices than anyone like getting all that horrible plastic surgery that makes her look ugly instead if think if putting all that money towards her daughters education or something.
    As for Catelynn and Tyler I’m proud of them and if they feel that they are finally ready to raise a child and have all their I’s dotted and T’s crossed and can financially care for one then they deserve to do so . Congratulations Catelynn and Tyler on the new bundle of joy.

  10. Farrah is the one making a bad choice by making the sex tape she isn’t regreting it yet but she will whennher daughter isnold enough to understand and catelynn and tyler they hav3 been very responsible and I think that with them still fightingnto visit there daughter and celebrating with her the way they do everything will be explained later and I think there ready to have another baby

  11. lol seriously catelynn and tyler did that their first child didnt have it made like u farrah always going out parents watching yours so why comment!!

  12. They made a baby! Farrah all you’ve done is make a fool of yourself and child! Hope to god she never reproduces again for the sake of her child!

  13. Farrah is a total idiot !!! She dares to comment
    On bad choices !! She did make a sex tape but she did it to make money just like she made up some boyfriend to get on the couples show !!! Don’t throw rocks when u live in a glass house !! Katelyn and Tyler are awesome

  14. Farrah abraham is compltly dilusional, A STRAIGHT UP WACK JOB!!! frst off talk about poor choices, this girl has no respect for her body nor herself to begin with !! She makes money the easy and degrading way ,This girl needs to worry about her own backyard before making such a idiotic commnt about 2 people who are doing good and are going down the right road then herself!! Wow since watching her since the beginning of her show on teen mom she mentally is just not right!!!
    WACK JOB!!

  15. Wow at least Caitlyn ain’t a fake person farrah is as fake as they come I think farrah is crazy

  16. Who cares about what you think Farrah nasty ass smh. Im so excited I can’t wait til the little bundle of joy comes Congrats #teamcatelynn&tyler

  17. Farrah shouldn’t be talking first off just cause they gave there daughter up that don’t mean they made a wrong choice they grew up and better themselves to have a family they finished High school went to college and they have jobs so she shouldn’t talk miss sex tape sexbook and it’s more then one tape I seen so now every one can see that she is clearly jealous of them cause they make write choices and she made bad ones now when her daughter grows up she has to explain why mommy made a sex tape but don’t lie to her just say you did it for money cause everyone knows the truth crying on couples therapy boo who grow up farrah take responsibility for your poor actions stop hating on people that is bettering themselves cause it’s seems like you just keep making wrong choices it’s said to see your daughter grow up around that and to know that you didn’t want her shame on you you need to grow up and stop making sex tapes sex toys sex books and get a real job where people would respect you and not for some thot look. It up

  18. what right does she has to say these things when she makes sex tapes for a living & they have been together 9 years next month. Seriously Farrah grow the heck up.

  19. Last time I heard they had finished remodelling their home they r both working and are together don’t recall if they r acctually married but atleast unlike Farrah they did what was best for Carly and are not finically stable and don’t need a sex tape or a book about the sex tape or to sell sex toys to make a living

  20. Farrah is a complete bitch she has no room to talk. She had a kid at 15 and is now making poems and she is one ugly bitch.. she needs to shut her mouth and go get more plastic surgery

  21. Farrah has her parents and anyone BUT HERSELF raise Sophia. Poor baby doesnt have any normal routine that she should have. Farrah`s “fame to claim” is that she is out making a living and money for her and her daughter, I`m sorry but I would much rather prefer and banker job 9-5 type deal as opposed to being a who*e. I feel bad for Sophia. She is too sweet of a baby to deserve the crap her mother puts her through. Then she wanted to act like Sophia was acting out of character when her mom visited, she is acting out because she needs attention, love, time, education from her mom, not being bounced around whenever. ITS A SHAME. #rantover

  22. Yeah Farrah shouldn’t be talkin like that to catelynn. I think catelynn is a good person n not like Farrah goes off n makes a fuckin sex tape. And your how old n you got a daughter Omg what if she finds out what her Mom does. Be careful on what you say or try put down other people Farrah

  23. I wish catelynn and tyler r one of my fav teen mom couples its nice to hear they r going to have another baby they r very brave to have done what they have and to have successfully made a home where they r going to be able to provide and rise their second baby right all I know is their baby will be way better behaved then farrahs brat daughter Sofia that lil one is already fucked up like her mom which is just sad honestly but im just glad catelynn and tyler r going get to have a second chance to be a happier family good luck cant wait to see pics of the beautiful baby

  24. I just hope they keep this one and just think how there daughter is going feel y did mommmy and daddy want this baby but not me any teen should take care of there baby if u didn’t want a baby then u shouldn’t have sex….. I think that’s what’s wrong with teens now a days o its OK to have sex Cruz if I get prego I’ll kill it or give it away so any mom and dad that do that is dum I was 14 teen when I had my baby and now he is 12 years old and I would not have done any thing different and I am so happy that I don’t have any body but me raising him…. so just think what that poor lil girl is going to think when she’s old enght to fine her mom and dad and see them with the kids they did keep I hope they feel like shot

  25. I love Cate & Tyler they will be amazing parents… I wish someone would call CPS on Farrah…. Sophia would have been better off staying with Deb or even going to live with her dads family… Farrah is one of the fakes people ever. GET OVER YOURSELF FARRAH & GROW THE HELL UP…. What Do You Think Sophias Dad Would Be Saying????

  26. Ha Farrah has NO room to be running her mouth! Little miss gotta make a sex tape to be so called famous! She’s nothing but a back talking, two faced bi*ch, who is disrespectful to her parents, thinks she’s hot shit, acts like she knows everything and she’s full of crap! Catelynn and ty are AMAZING people, I’m very proud of them and so happy for them, they have done great and it upsets me to see them being talked about, they are going to be great parents to baby number two! They did good with Carly, they knew they could not take care of her so they did what they saw best. So Farrah SHUT YOUR GOSH DAMN MOUTH!

  27. 1. Cate and Tyler chose to do the right thing with Carly. Their living situation at the time they had Carly was not stable to bring a baby around.
    2. For someone to sit and say Farrahs daughter is f***** up like she is has something wrong with them! Its not Sophias fault the way her mother is or how she is being raised. Shame on u for saying that about a innocent child.
    3. Good luck to u Cate and Tyler you will be wonderful parents and don’t listen to any negative talk you 2 are wonderful. When Carly gets old enough to understand she will thank you guys for choosing adoption for her to give her a better life.

    • How is give ur kid away a good choice ive knw young gurls have there baby and keep him and are in a every good have everythng good wit no family suport

      • First of all learn how to spell! Secondly if you want to say something bad about adoption you have no idea what it’s about. You are obviously a welfare rat, a teen with a baby with no family support will always live off of the tax payers money! And people wonder why this country is going down the drain, in debt and poor education! If you can’t afford a child YOURSELF and not the government than abort or adoption! I’m tired of paying for all the ignorant fuck ups mistakes! EBT is my tax dollars and all you saying how you support your child with no help are full of shit! I see it everyday go get another job if you want to reproduce!

  28. I think ferra did better she got pregant and didnt go giving way the baby shes done wht she can to give her baby a good life by her side I would have never given ma baby I knw lots of 16 yr old girls have babys wit no family suport and they are every well

  29. I think catelynn should not b on the shows no more she not a teen mom she was just prego and then gave her babys away

  30. Wow that’s fucking ridiculous she has no reason to talk. They did what they had to do when they had there first baby they weren’t ready to raise her by themselves and wanted the best for that child and that’s what she got! Farrah’s daughter will get older and find out about all the dumb shit she did and she’s probaly already hearing about it. You can deny all you want and say it wasn’t a porn bullshit!!! Hahaha nasty hoe

  31. Wasn’t Farrah supposedly pregnant with a porn stars baby??????? Poor choices!?! Money can’t buy you love and happiness and that is one thing they have that she doesn’t a partner for support! You don’t need parents to help as an adult! Of course it’s wanted but you don’t have to depend on them for support! Or a roof!

  32. Tyler and catelynn have jobs have a home and have money so i doubt they r worried bout farrah And her i got so desperate i had to do a porno just to make money looking ass…plus catelynn and tyler are my favorite couple..at least they keep their clothes on and are there for their kid even thoigh they gave her up…plus have good heads on their shoulders

  33. Farrah is just upset because Tyler and Caitlin made a very good choice but Farrah wants to run her mouth about stuff yes I felt bad in the first season of 16 and pregnant and teen mom because she lost her baby daddy but now it is her who’s making bad choices I do whatever I have to,to take care of my two kids but never make a sex tape and now she’s doing sex toys what is Sophia going to think when she gets older o my mom showed her body to people now she’s making toys for sex o I can do this to these things you have to think about before u go and do them Farrah needs to sweep her own steps off before judging anybody else

  34. I’m sorry but I would rather be a middle class mom then a high class whore! Go catelyn and Tyler. They deserve the best of wishes and to be happy. Farrah week she needs to concentrating on not choking!

  35. I’m so happy for Catelynn and Tyler they will be great parents. As for Farrah she should talk, know one likes her at all. She’s the one who disrespects everyone her parents were doing things for her all the time and she would treat them like shit. Plus to make sex video and molds of her own worn out couchie, gross I don’t think anyone would really want to think they are sticking it to Farrah. She’s so fake, I feel sorry for her daughter and her family to have to see what choices she’s made for her own life. Nasty Whore.

    • You are so right Nicole…. I hate the way she acts and the way she talks and treats her parents…. When her daughter gets older pay back is a bitch she is in for it

  36. Farrah should learn to mind her own business because caitlynn and tyler made the decision in which was best for their daughter and gor that i admire them for being great parents and give her up for adoption to people who take great care of her

  37. Farrah shouldn’t talk…. She act like she’s a good roll model to her daughter….. I can’t stand her she is a selfish bitch that only thinks about herself… I don’t like the way she treat her mom, and I hate to see Sophia at five still with that damn pacifier…. It’s Farrah’s way of keeping her quiet….she needs to look at herself in the mirror before she talks shit….. I think catelynn and tyler is the most mature one from 16 and pregnant….

  38. Farrah measures her self worth by the amount of money she has, her figure and looks, designer clothes etc she has no idea what true love really feels like, she is one confused girl, I actually feel sorry for her she’s a very tormented soul, it would be horrible to have to deal with the issues she has, and in that I feel she has no right to judge another teen mum especially one who has such a stable life, and is such a giving, bright and grounded person, which includes Tyler also, these 2 amaze me every time I see anything about them, they are incredible and farrah couldn’t possibly understand that!

  39. Farrah .. Can i just say .. Your so stuck up you expect everything to go your way you think world should revolve around you and hunny it doesn’t!! Your parents should be ashamed to have a daughter like you!! I watch the shows and you just think your gods gift!! Start looking and concentrating on your daughter! And stop hating on everyone else!!
    And btw I love catelynn and Tyler and new baby Novalee 😊👍

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