Farrah Abraham Catelynn Lowell

In a recent interview Farrah Abraham expressed her opinions about fellow Teen Mom stars Catelynn and Tyler having a baby… and I’m pretty sure they don’t appreciate it.

I wish them all the best, but it does make me very sad to still see them make poor choices,” Farrah said told Starcasm.Net. She does her usual rambling but managed to finish up with a statement that (for the most part) makes sense: “I hope that with others, who are getting to be pregnant with their second child, that they have a home, that they have a stable financial situation and that they have a supportive family.

Catelynn quickly responded to the interview via twitter stating: “Huh bad choices?!? Hahaha I didn’t make a so called “sex tape” but WE make the bad choices? Seriously her comments made my night! #Rofl” Which is pretty much the response I expected! Tyler also responded with: “‘Poor Choices?’ I don’t recall making a porn to support my child lol! I prefer the old fashion way, working, respect, dignity and discipline