Read an Excerpt from Farrah Abraham’s New Erotic Novel

Farrah Abraham Novel

I have not yet had the pleasure (?) of reading Farrah Abraham’s new Erotic Novel ‘Celebrity Sex Tape in the Making’ but I am extremely happy to have found a few bits of it surfacing on the internet. 

From what I can tell the book, which is just the first of three, explains the story of Farrah’s own sex tape creation. Now for legal reasons she has to say that it’s fiction and not use real names and all that but I’m willing to bet the entire thing is moment for moment what actually happened. SO I think this is going to really explain the whole process of making her sex tape and why she has lied about it a lot.

Anywho here is a little excerpt from the novel, enjoy:

My gaze went to Jimmy and I smiled, playing with my lingerie and infusing the feel of the video with the feeling that we’d been dating for a while. ‘Baby, come on, let’s have some fun while you have the recorder on.’
I held out my hand, no longer Fallon the actress. I was Fallon the best-selling celebrity sex tape star. The one to beat every other wanna-be celebrities before and after me. It was an act, a role to play…except this time I wasn’t just fulfilling a role, I was revealing a side of myself no one else had seen before. It was also an act for Jimmy and everyone who could hear or sneak a peek into the condo. It was a show for the camera, all the watchers behind it and the people who would watch.

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