Adam Lind Spends Father’s Day with Aubree at the Zoo!

Adam Lind

First of all Adam has some super impressive arm muscles happening in this photo. It’s rather distracting so I figured I would get my comment about that out of the way first…. Anywho! It looks like Adam has been doing better in the dad department. He’s been spending more and more time with his 2 beautiful daughters. Today he shared this photo of himself and Aubree spending Father’s Day at the zoo! Aubs looks like she is having a great time, it’s always good to see these two spending quality time together.

In honor of Father’s day here are some recent pics of Adam hanging out with his girls:

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  1. is her really doing better, or was this just an attempt to impress his newest gf..who he is now living with after only a few weeks of dating? Gross, and poor kids, hers included.

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