‘Teen Mom 3’ Dad Matt McCann Writes Heartfelt Letter to His Daughter on Father’s Day:


Matt McCann, the father of Arabella on ‘Teen Mom 3’ was not always the best dad. He had a serious drug problem that resulted in an overdose. Since then Matt has stepped up and has been working hard to turn his life around. Today he shared some lovely words about his daughter and how she helped him realize the error of his ways.

I know you came into my life early and unexpected but I wouldn’t change your timing for the world. You’ve given me hope and strength to become a better man and to be the best father for you I can be. I may not get to see you today but thoday is still important to me. It reminds me that three years ago I was given a gift. And that gift was you. Some people believe that before we are born we choose our lives so thank you for picking me. I know I wouldn’t be a lot of people’s first picks. but thanks for giving me a chance to prove myself. Thank you for your hugs and kisses. Thanks for always making me smile and laugh. Thank you for teaching me patience and how to understand toddler talk. Bugt most importantly thank you for loving me despite the past. I’m sorry I wasn’t always there but I swear I’ll never leave again. You are my sunshine on cloudy days and my umbrella when it rains. Because of you I am a father, a dad, a daddy. I can never thank you enough for being my first born. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter. no matter what I will always be proud of you. I love you Bellie Bug. Love daddy.


  1. Aww this is amazing of wht Matt did he is such a great loving and caring father to Arabella !

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