Leah Calvert Goes On Defensive Rant About Her New Hairstyle

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Leah Calvert of ‘Teen Mom 2’ recently cut her hair short for the first time in her life and it didn’t take long for people to start with the rude comments. Apparently someone out there really got under Leah’s skin because their comments about Leah’s hair looking like it was done by a student led to a defensive facebook rant!

It’s so sad that a hair stylist/owner of a salon would talk about a haircut looking like it was done at beauty school etc. Like it look horrible. Funny thing is the instructor that cut my hair has been in this career for almost 20 years.” Leah wrote. “Lol I bet when you were in cosmetology school you thought your cuts colors etc. were perfecto … im sorry to say I bet your wrong. The talk your doing makes your salon look very trashy and so unprofessional and I don’t even have to call you out. You should be uplifting to others in this career. We need less beauticians like you. (: xoxo

I don’t know about you but I thought the choppy look was on purpose and even if the cut isn’t perfect, I think short hair suits her. What do you think of Leah’s new style?


  1. as a stylist myself, I couldn’t agree more with leah!! I love the cut on her, and this is one of my favorite cuts to do!! however, with that being said, the only thing im not “crazy” about is the fact that the sides aren’t the same length. . . .and I know, I know, I may have been cut like that (we are seeing a lot of a-symmetrical cut in our salon). I just PERSONALLY like an a-symmetrical cut to be drastic (like I have mine long on one side, and shaved on the other). but that is MY opinion, what I like best. anywho, I think her cut is absolutely adorable!!! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “choppy” look, not everyone can pull it off, not everyone can make it happen, and not everyone can do it – overall, I LOVE it!!!!!

  2. Leah, I love your new hair cut.It looks very fresh and I like the layer look. You look very pretty and young.Don’t pay attention to any negative remarks.

  3. it is very gorgeous only very few can pull this look off and u do it very well it is different b ut it is time for different and it makes u look more grown up and motherly in my opinion :}

  4. I Love the new cut …..for those of you that dont I am sure there are people out there that dont like your hair style either.

    • It’s not that it’s ugly, it just doesn’t suit her. It ages her soooo much. She looks way older now :/
      It makes her look like a 40yr old soccer mom.

  5. Leah your new hair style looks amazing on you an that shop owner or whatever she is should be ashamed of herself for talking bad about your hair… Hell she’s just jealous cause she’s not a pretty momma like you… Just ignore the ignorance of the stupid people an wear your hair proudly…. We love you Leah <3

  6. I don’t think the hair cut is bad looking. The cut is very cute. Clearly a professional did it, not a kid. The person saying those mean comments is jealous! But personally I like Leah better with long hair… I just like long hair in general. She looks gorgeous but I like the long hair better.

  7. I THINK IT LOOKS GOOD ON YOU LEAH. THE THING about it is if you are happy with the cut not anyone else. The heck with what others say. It was your decision to make. I think you look cute.
    Mary Dillard

  8. I Absolutely Love Love Love it!!!!! But then again im a little bias too because I get my hair cut like that and have for years and both of my girls wear tht cut and style as well….. Its so fun and cool and really can do so many different things with it….. We Love it keep Rocking it girl!!!!!!!

  9. Its different don’t get me wrong I am use to seeing you with the long hair with purple highlights but it looks very pretty on you it goes well with your round face it looks very nice

  10. I have always got my hair cut like this there is so many ways to were it and you were so good I love it!! stay pretty girl ♥♥♥

  11. Leah Calvert needs major help learning how to do her hair and makeup. I never really thought she was ever that attractive anyhow . This haircut looks awful on her she looks like an old lesbian(sorry my opinion).

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