Farrah Abraham’s Thoughts on MTV Cutting Her Out:


It’s been rumored for a while now that the original ‘Teen Mom’ show would be filming again for a new season, but it recently came out that some of the cast may not want Farrah back due to her involvement in the porn industry.

I don’t think MTV should hold people back on account of (being sexually open),” Farrah told NY Daily News. “They have many kinds of sexual behaviors on their shows. I would hope if they cut me out, it would be for other reasons.

MTV has been known to preach to teenagers with shows like ’16 & Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’ but also show underage drinking, partying, sex etc in shows like ‘Awkward,’ ‘True Life,’ ‘Skins,’ etc. So it would seem slightly hypocritical for that to be the reason they would leave her out of any future shows.

The fact that she is known to be difficult to work with however may be a better reason.


  1. I can see what some of the others are saying about Farrah and she shouldn’t be talking about Tyler and Catelyn but kicking her off the show may be a little too much since Teen Mom Jenelle done all she has done and it wasn’t for money or her child and she’s still on.

  2. They should kick her off she’s a spoiled snob who thinks the world resolves around her. And yea there are other teen moms I could complain about but they all have changed for the better. Farrah on the other hand just makes think she’s a stripper and she treys her parents with no respect…

    • And she’s not a good model for no one kids not even hers but I’m not going to judge but she needs to be off the show for good

  3. Farrah is a Selfish, Hateful Bitch! Her 15 minutes were overwith a long time ago.
    She believes that everyone in the world owes her something. Unlike us other teen moms, we don’t need to open our legs to the world and sell Porn to make a living!

    But that just makes her Trashy! Keep mentioning bad things about FAMOUS PEOPLE just to get back in the public eye Farrah. There is Nothing left for you to get back on screen. Nothing!!

    She has ruined her reputation for Life, and doesn’t even realize it!

    What a Twit! Focus on that little girl that your parents are raising. Sophia will never respect you, because you don’t even know the meaning of the word.

    Good luck at McDonald’s being a burger flipper!

  4. She’s a b*tch to everyone INCLUDING the other cast members.
    She is a terrible person to look up to, and sets an awful example. “Drinking and driving is A okay if you park before you get pulled over!”
    She used the Teen Mom name in her PORN (not sex tape, it was a porn). This name has been associated with MTV since Teen Mom came out. They put a disclaimer saying MTV was not involved, but it still makes mtv look bad because their show (With Backdoor Superstar Farrah Abraham) is called Teen Mom. This title will always follow MTV.
    Lastly, Farrah needs freaking help. People need to quit putting her on tv and get her more help than she is getting from her counselor.
    No, I do not believe mtv is cutting Farrah out of Teen Mom because she made a porn. This is why mtv cut her out of Teen Mom.

  5. Just my 2 cents:

    Farrah is somehow a smart businesswoman. Yes, she made porn. But there are plenty of porn stars with a successful empire (Jenna Jameson, Janine Lindemulder…) and who have kids. I should say that I’m European and I know that American people are quite prude about this. Europeans are more laid back when it’s about sex.. But she earned a lot of money, more than the other Teen Moms – she can live on her own, she’s not on welfare, she even can pay for the future college for Sophia. I think that was the main reason she made porn: Money, a security for her future…

    She built a successful empire. And everybody hates her. That is clever somehow, so she can live without to worry about something. I think a lot of it is played and not real. You know that Teen Mom and other shows are SCRIPTED? Farrah is playing with you people and you don’t even realize it. It’s quite funny to watch. I think in reality she’s quite different, but she plays the evil person very well…So the mags are writing about her and she tweets to stay in the mags. Don’t be fooled, guys.

    I don’t like Farrah too, but I have to admit that she’s quite entertaining. It would have been nice to see her again on Teen Mom – just to make fun of her!

  6. farrah should be banned shes horrible. she isnt interesting to watch and shes a bad role model

  7. She shouldn’t be allowed on teen mom for the simple fact is that she is not a mom. She always puts herself in front of her child. She always drops her kid off to her parents and always wines about how hard her life is. I’m a real teen mom. I live on my own go to college full time and work two jobs. I never worry about finding a boyfriend or friends. My life is completely focused around my son. That’s what a real mom is. I would love to see the original teen mom but if that includes watching her whine and cry over nothing then I’d rather disconnect my cable

    • Ok first of all she is a mom no matter what your dambass says! She carried her daughter for the full 9 months, just like you carried your son! And second you don’t know her personally! So for you to have the gul to even say that’s she’s not a mom is just plain bullshit. She made the right business decisions to ensure that her daughter has a stable financial future. Because of what she did, she can now set up a trust fund for her daughter, set up a college fund, buy a house for her to grow up in, have the best health insurgence for her, ect. So in conclusion PLEASE STFU! 🙂

  8. I’m assuming they’re cutting her out because she self centered an arrogant and thinks she’s better than everybody else including her own parents she is a mommy at reg just like the rest of them and the sad part about the whole thing is these people don’t even show true teen parentingif anything MPV should go to the parents wouldn’t have money to line their pockets who truly had to be teen parents without an income

  9. Quit saying she’s a low life! She did what she had to do to make money! Yes this might have been a mistake but EVERYONE makes mistakes! So shut up and move on!

  10. First off, MTV isn’t what it used to be! To take Farrah off the show was completely ridiculous. You promote all types of things now, which in the marketing world is great for y’all’s ratings. From lesbians, the show Awkward, the “reality” shows you air… It’s a little much to just pull Farrah because she made two porns! I do not condone her actions in the slightest, I think being known as a “teen mom” turn porn star with attitude she has had over the years is simply ludacris. If you can buy a huge house, afford one on one daycare, facials, plastic surgery, flying all over the world… Then you need to hang it up. Stop dwelling on the fact that MTV cut you. It’s very obvious you got your money elsewhere since Teen Mom hasn’t aired your season in awhile. I hated Farrah from her sucky attitude to her stupid cry face. That little girl will grow up to be just like her. And what’s with the pacifier? That kid is like 5 now. She has a big girl bed and big girl things. Take that away and deal with her besides giving in to letting her have it. The list is endless, I could go on and on but I have more important things to do.

  11. She’s a lowlife everyones entitles to their own opinion and they’ve been dead on she’s a pig

  12. Umm, who is Farrah? ?
    Oh! The one from Teen mom who got prego purposely to be on TV. Haha!!!! That’s right. She did!!!

    Go back to your front porch in Iowa where you came from and ride up and down the streets in yo mommy and daddy’s Griswold station wagon, ya Nasty Ass Hillbilly Hoe!

  13. They should leave her out, who wants to see a Lorna star on teen mom, she is an ugly whore and no one wants her around

  14. EASY because teenmom is about being a “mom” and based on that and trying to help young moms. Porn is not a good influence.

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