‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Calvert Has Another Twitter Meltdown:

Leah Rant 1

Leah Calvert has been known to go off on fans every now and again on Twitter so it’s not really a surprise seeing her go on another foul mouthed rant. This time though it seems a bit more personal. Whoever she is talking about must have really pissed her off!

I’m done with being disrespected by too faced good for NOTHING piece of shits. I was pretty easy going in the past but the hell with that…” Leah tweeted. “Not anymore. Don’t come crying when it becomes nasty.  I’m tired of the I’m better than thou attitude and the different person you are when certain people are around. That’s about all I gotta say.

Well now, whoever she is talking about better look out because it seems like Leah is ready to get “nasty” with you! Honestly though isn’t it just easier to not associate yourself with people like this? There comes a time in your adult life when you learn to avoid the drama… and the drama filled people.

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