Twitter War! Tyler Baltierra Vs. Farrah Abraham!

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It all started when Farrah Abraham made a comment about Cateynn and Tyler having another baby. Stating that it disapoints her to see her co-stars making “poor choices.” Catelynn and Tyler both laughed about her statement for obvious reasons.

Farrah then came back, basically calling the couple immature… “Over #TeenMomDrama.” She tweeted. “Glad I moved on #DoorSlammed wish those #StillTeens all the best when your not a Teen #QuitPlayin

Tyler quickly shot back at Farrah tweeting, “If only that tweet made sense If your going to attempt 2 be a smartass at least make it sound good #BackDoorSlammed.

Do you think this silly twitter war will end anytime soon? It has been clear these ‘Teen Mom’ stars don’t like each other ever since Catelynn said Farrah sounds like a “dying horse.” Before that Farrah hadn’t really ever said anything about her co-stars that I recall. The sex tape seems to be the main reason that they turned against her. Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood both seem to not be involved in any drama with her but recently Leah Calvert took Catelynn and Tyler’s side when she RT’d some of their tweets about all this.


  1. I don’t like Farrah. She seems fake and is very ugly now that she has had all that plastic surgery. Just saying she kinda looks like a dieing fish

  2. They need to just stop talking that’s the only reason Farrah keeps responding because they do. If catelynn and Tyler justt ignored her Farrah wouldn’t have shit to say except her unwanted opinion. She just like to start teen mom drama.

  3. I don’t know how Farrah is going to open her damn mouth!!!.. How the hell is a poor judgment that the couple want a baby. A couple that been together for many years.. Farrah made a sex tape know who made a poor judgment whores should not judge FRAARAH!!!

  4. I want to slap Farrah like really shes the one drinking sleeping around not watching her beautiful baby girl grow up shes not gown up yet that’s why she shoots her mouth off to look better then every one else it is upsetting to some that ty and catelynn are having another baby but they always said when the time is right they would love to be parents again made your just mad cus you didn’t do it for your own child I feel sorry for Farrah she has to put down an amazing couple for doing the right thing but power to ty and catelynn for laughing at Farrahs silly talk

  5. all i gotta say is that Cate and Ty did what was best for their first child and now they feel like they are ready so they should feel great and as it goes for Farrah where is her little girl never around so she should not open her mouth when it comes to her co-stars having kids

  6. my honest opinion is that farrah needs to mind her EFFING businesses cause i know for a fact she didnt like it when ppl was talking bout her being a HOE cause thats what she is lets not sugar coat it so whatever this couple decide to do is their problem last i checked farrah cant even have her own daughter long enough to have a parenting opinion

  7. Farrah is a lil too whoreish to speak on poor choices…she did a anal sex video that I’m sure her little daughter will be so proud of her choices….give me a break Farrah UR the one who should do some growing up quit with the nasty ass porns and stop with the plastic surgery U look like a freak show anymore…GL Tyler and Catelynn with the new baby…

  8. Tbh ; Farrah has no right too judge anybody ! I loved Catelynn & Tyler when they were on teen mom . And I respect them for making the right decision for Carly ! And it’s great that they are having a child ! Now that they are stable , and don’t have all the worries they did when they were 16 , I think now is the perfect time for them too start a family . I can not stand Farrah . In my eyes she was not a good mom . She gets too hateful with her daughter Sophia , and she disrespects her parents . But I’m happy for Catelynn & Tyler , and I wish them nothing but the best !

  9. I am happy for Catelynn And Tyler, there are wonderful people. They did what they had to do and I am proud of them. They grew up better than Farrah, i watched that Being Farrah and she is such a B****. And you can tell her daughter is not a happy girl, I wouldnt be either if I had a mom that thinks she is better than the rest of the world. GROW UP FARRAH! You have a daughter who needs you.

  10. I think Farrah is such a hipercrit making poor choices,what about her sex tape,? If Carolyn and Tyler are ready and Happy then good on them 💜

  11. Farrah boo boo worry about fixing your life together! And as in Tyler nd catelynn do ya thang!!

  12. only one thing to say to all these bitches they are full of sheet and they are so stupid the only thing is drama and drama like hallo I got pregnant when I was 16 and look my life is better know I have 4 little ones only one thing think 2 times before given one heal of a step so stop the drama so first fix all your life’s cause its a good show but there is full of fucken life’s like the Kardashians…these people only like to get attention hallo people,.,,


  14. That’s laughable. Farrah is a disrespectful cow. She treats her parents like shit, even though all they have ever done was try be there for her and be amazing grandparents to Sophia. If anyone has made poor choices its Farrah. Does she seriously think that Sophia will be proud of her Sex Tape? I don’t think so. Catelynn and Tyler are the ones who have made the best decisions throughout the years since 16 and Pregnant. They’re the ones who didn’t get re-pregnant, like a lot of the other girls did. They have always worked through their issues, and come out on top. Farrah should just do everyone a favour and disappear.

  15. Farrah is just to damn blind to see what is going on. She wants to see it Farrah’s way. For her, there is no other way. She is nothing but an ungrateful bitch. Yes, her parents may have been a bit bossy, but it was to help her with her acting and being rebellious the way that she was. I agree 100% with Catelynn and Tyler for standing up for themselves. In my opinion, I think that the wonderful couple was ready to have the bundle of joy Novalee. If anyone is disrespectful, it’s Farrah. How stupid can you get saying that having and deciding to have another child and getting married a poor decision? That’s not a poor decision, it’s called growing up and building a life with a future. If anyone has made a poor decision, it’s that fake ass bitch. No one wants a bitch with fake lips and fake boobs. Be grateful for what was God given. If he wanted her to have bigger boobs and lips, he would have made it possible.


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