Jenelle Evans Wants To Go Into Labor Today!

10492393_853524324675274_635836050669339224_nPreggo ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans can’t wait to be done with this pregnancy! She’s due with her second baby boy by the end of this week and it looks like she’s hoping for him to come out sooner rather than later. “I’m going to walk all day today to try and get Kaiser to come out, haha! Any other ideas?!” Jenelle tweeted today June, 23rd 2014.

Kaiser is going to come out when he darn well pleases but I sympathize with Jenelle, that last little bit of pregnancy is so uncomfortable. She’s handling it like a trooper though, still wearing a bikini and hitting the beach and taking bathroom mirror selfies like always. Nothing stops this girl! Well I hope you pop him out soon Jenelle, we all can’t wait to see what he looks like!


  1. she should go and drive over a speed bump or she could eat something spicy or drink there is this oli I cant think of the name but it is safe for you to drink it

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