Jenelle Evans Gave Birth to Baby Kaiser!


Jenelle had tweeted earlier today that she was spending the day at the beach but it looks like that was just a “trick” to keep fans distracted while she was actually taking care of her newborn baby Kaiser. Why this was necessary I’m not really sure considering they shared the news of the birth just a matter of hours later.

Jenelle Evans Kaiser Photo

Thanks to my super smart readers for pointing it out to me, according to his hospital bracelet Kaiser was born at 1:57pm at some point this weekend.  I say that because some of Jenelle and Nathan’s friends have hinted on twitter that they’ve known the baby was born before today. Jenelle retweeted a photo of her arm and the baby’s foot today as a little teaser. I’m sure we will have to wait for the magazine spread to see any real pictures of him. For now it looks like mom and baby are both happy and healthy, Jenelle tweets: “We r all so happy and excited!

More details to come!


    • How are Ppl not paying attention @kkkmommy? I don’t see where it shows that ppl are not paying any attention lol

  1. You can see it says …/14 @ 1357. I’m imagining it says 6/14 @1357 meaning 1:57pm on June 14th

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