Chelsea Houska Plans to Take Adam Lind’s Visitation Rights


Adam Lind was arrested again recently for violating his DUI probation. He has also apparently been driving with their daughter Aubree in the car which he is not allowed to do. Chelsea is fed up and now plans to fight to take away Adam’s visitation all together.

It’s a strict rule that he can’t drive with her,” Chelsea told Life & Style. “But Aubree will come home and say, ‘Daddy was driving with me.’ It makes me so mad. He doesn’t deserve visitation with our daughter if he keeps breaking the rules!

His inability to stop driving is only making it easier for Chelsea to take action against him. He does not have a valid driver’s license anymore but continues to drive (and usually get caught.) “I am documenting everything to make my case,” Chelsea says.


  1. How dare he take that little girl into his car !!!!! From documented records this guy is loose cannon. He speeds, drinks and breaks the law. He has no regard for the law and no regrets for what he has done. If a judge doesn’t sever visitations I would take it to the highest court permitted. This guy needs to be stopped before he kills someone innocent.
    I don’t know if him and his girlfriend are back on again but that young lady better keep her daughter away from him also. At least keep him from taking the baby in a car.
    I was a child of this situation. My dad would drive over a hundred miles an hour with me in the back seat. And without going into a bunch of detail I will say it has left emotional scars that run super deep. The main thing is That I can’t ride in a car, I have to be the one to drive to feel safe.

  2. Sissiepie…Adam and Taylor broke up and now Adam has a NEW girlfriend named Jessica who in my opinion, is super ugl

    • Well at least Taylor finally got away from this low life. But a NEW girlfriend. This one is going into a relationship with her eyes wide open……everyone knows what a creep this guys is. She has to have no self worth if she would settle for him. I just pray that she doesn’t have any kids by him….

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