VIDEO! Farrah Abraham Slams Jenelle Evans for Having Another Baby


I think we can all agree that Farrah should just stop speaking all together and she’s certainly the last person who should be giving advice to these other teen moms. That being said, I am glad to hear that she is very serious about not having another child until she is married and 100% sure it’s what she wants to do.

Jenelle Evans on the other hand is very impulsive and decided to have a baby with her boyfriend, Nathan, after only a couple months of dating. Thankfully their rocky relationship seems to have survived up until this point but the decision to have a child with someone you don’t know is pretty reckless and concerning.

Farrah wasn’t shy about pointing out that maybe you shouldn’t have a kid if your life is full of drama because kids really shouldn’t be around that and I have to agree with her there. Jenelle responded to Farrah’s comments on twitter stating: “I was waiting on ‘Miss. Pornstar’ ‘s comments, lol. She has to always stay relevant in the media or she’s afraid she will be forgotten FAST.

Jenelle is constantly trying to prove to her “haters” (as she calls them) that she can be a good mom and that she has changed her life. She still does not have custody of her son Jace but she is at least spending more time with him now. She gave birth to baby Kaiser at the end of June and we are still waiting to see some photos of him.

Watch the video below if you want to hear everything that Farrah had to say about Jenelle and the other ‘Teen Moms.’

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  1. you really made success for your self?? your a porn star your a poor excuse of a mother just like Jenelle is so you have no room to talk hunny.

      • How the fuck do you figure that? Lol are u kidding me? Put all the stupid things she does aside and she is a great mother to Sophia. Serious did u even watch the last seasion with her in it? Jenelle doesn’t even have her son so how could she be a better mother? Lol lol lol jenelle is a mess, her whole life is a mess she could never properly take care of a child. Sorry ur comment just blew my mind

  2. I think Farrah is completely insane! Btw Farrah you will always be a teen mom you had a child in your teens that makes you a TEEN MOTHER FOR LIFE!

    • One she isn’t 100 percent look at Farrah she is the biggest whore of them all. She is to lazy to actually to get a job. And one Jenelle has more responiblity than Farrah plus Jenelle has been working hard to get Jace back so watch it.

  3. Farrah has no room to talk she barely has her kid its always with her parent when shes out partying and getting drunk. At least Janelle is trying to get her shit together.

  4. She didn’t slam Jenelle. But, shes saying what we are all thinking. Jenelle has not changed the way she leads her life, and now has brought a 2nd child into that tornado.

  5. One your not happy, you have to degrade yourself to support yourself. . What type of role model are you for your daughter. And that your not that smart, I can see why you”re in the field you’re in. You are no one to judge, you’re not better.than anyone. Grow up

  6. Wow really. How fake can u be. Ur body barley moves. What kind of example did you set for your child? Let many different men have their way with you for money to buy more fake body parts? Yes jenelle probably should have waited for another baby but who are you to say she’s a bad example when you are yourself also. Just cause u give ur kid to ur parents doesn’t mean ur being responsible. Your daughter will always remember that. Being stuck at grandmas while mom goes and gets pile driven from at least 3 different guys at the same time. Keep talking u just look stupid

  7. What make her think she has the right to juge other peoples lives and as for making a life for her self she had to make a sex video to do so yeah your really beeter than them arnt you!!! No ur just a bitch who think thinks she’s better than ever one else well news flash sweety ur just a slag using sex to get what you want in life

  8. Hate this girl so much, she acts so much high and mighty yet she’s a pornstar!! Let’s see what ur daughter thinks of u when she grows up and finds that out! Jenelle may have been a wild child but she’s trying to get her life together and is much happier and healthier now ur still living in ur own lil bubble!!

  9. I agree with Farrah. Janelle having another child was stupid. She can’t keep her life straight or stay off drugs. She needs to grow up. Not that I agree with Farrah’s lifestyle at all. I think they both need to grow up!

    • Shes been clean for over a year if you actually pay attention which clearly you dont! Jenelles life is much better then Farrahs ever will be

  10. In all reality it’s no ones business what they do with there life’s. If Farrah whant to be a porn star that’s her choice. If janelle whantta to have more kids that’s her choice. They are the ones that have to deal with the fallout, not us. Picking on them and calling then names is just immature and rude and shows everybody the kind of person you are. Nobody is perfect and we all have to learn from out mistakes and everybody does that differently. So, get over yourselves and stop acting like your better then them.

  11. shut up, you have made sex videos, might as well find a man and get pregnant again, your daughter is going to feel the same pain if not more!! I was on your side, but the more you speak the dumber you sound. People go through things, they dont have silver spoons put into their mouths like you and then complain about the spoon, if she wants to have another kid she can, just like if you want to make a porn movie and say you knew nothing about it and cry and the whole shebang you can, how dare you criticize someone from their choices of continuing the life cycle from god to better this universe when your doing nothing to better it. this is pathetic im really done with you omg. you sound dumber and dumber by the minute hunny…. stop while your ahead. I was a teen mom three times over, i got my ged, am still with my babys father, and enrolled in college, half through my bachelors degree in sociology. I have a stable job and take very good care of my children and have NEVER made a controversial porn movie….. stick to porn or cooking … u dont have a degree with people so keep cooking and shut up. the more you talk the dumber you look. OMG you have a degree and still have not noticed that #WASTEOFMONEY!!!!! go back to school and look for something in the sex industry lhh im done lol

  12. Farrah does need to keep her mouth shut she need to focus on Sophia and herself not any of the other teen mom girls, It was her choice to have another baby so Farrah needs to butt out. Also Farrah basically became a porn star Come on Farrah you really think that’s any better for Sophia, is that setting a good example for her! I think not.. As far as im concerned Farrah is Fake to me, has been since she pretty much left the parenting to her mother and father during her time on teen mom cause she wanted to go out and date and party!!!!! Farrah has no room to talk. On the other hand Congrats to Jenelle!!!!!! hope everything is going well

  13. jenelle is young, she still has a lot to learn from, but at least shes not doing something that can cause her child to kill himself because he is so embarrassed from the way that his mother acted. that child can be teased and god forbid anything else who knows. its no ones business, but im upset with the fact that she felt the need to throw stones and lives in a glass house. in all reality everyone thinks your dumb, we hope for the best, but everyone knows from interviews and television that your a little on the left side…… just please dont say anything else. . . . ur making yourself look worse and worse…. remebmer come on stick it in my ass???!! even if jenelle is wrong, YOU!! Should have NOTHING to say, at this point you should be falling into the background

  14. i mean come on, your waxing your daughters eyebrows and shes not even 6….. thats a special kind of retarded………

  15. Maybe before she goes and tell people what they should and shouldn’t do with there lives she should look in the mirror and have a look at her and her life. I’m so over seeing her make fun of other teen moms. All the other teen moms are doing so much better and actually support one another and yet then you have farrah, she thinks that she is the best and she is better then everyone else well I don’t see any of the other teen moms making a sex tape do you no.

  16. wow i think she certainly needs to take a good look at herself in a mirror cause she differently can’t talk about other people just cause they are having another child but at least janelle isn’t making porn,adult movie and that unlike Farrah,she needs a good reality check

  17. – she’s no one too judge jenelle because when your daughter grows up how are you gonna explain I work a job that guys just have there way with me for money &, my boobs are fake! Your quick too judge for who of you that don’t kno jenelle has full custody of jace have now! &, has been clean for 1 1/2 years

    • Where on earth did u get your facts? Lol she never got custody of jace. She’s now destroying her life again if you’ve seen the preview for next season you’ll see that her new child’s dad is being arrested SHE called the cops on him for abusing her. He calls her trailer trash and their poor baby is in the middle of it all. All while she still doesn’t have custody of her FIRST kid.

  18. Shes not part of drama? To me pointing and slamming someone is drama shes a porn start which is grose and nit very mother material i mean who has her kid while shes selling out her body not her so to me shes drama even more so than Janelle smh grow up farah

  19. all I can say is your past will come to haunt you in the worst way if you continue to down grade these young ladies farrah. They were called “co-star teen moms” for a reason you were in the same boat as them. And the only reason you think you are above that is because you got more money? Well, they got more pride then to just sell out to the highest bidder that wants to see the teen mom in action. I just want to know one thing what will you tell your daughter when these things come back to bite you in the ass. when she is a teen and she is being told and manipulated into having sex with guys because you made it hard for her as a teen girl of a teen mom who made her money of “16 and pregnant” to “Teen mom” to “Back door teen mom”. What will be your answer??? When she asks you how did you become successful. Yes success comes with hardships but its up to you to change the bad for the good.

  20. I think Farrah needs to worry about herself instead of worrying about Jenelle, is she mad because she isnt on tv still? I would rather watch Jenelle and day than to see Farrah on there i mean Farrah is always sending Sophia to her parents, i mean come on the child doesnt have a father, you would think porn star farrah would be there wanting to comfort her instead of letting people stick a cod in every hole of her body, i wish i just see farrah and tell her that to her face, honey reality check i would rather flip burgers as opposed to a porn star nasty!!! McNasty

  21. I think Farrah is dumb cuz seriously there are so many moms out there having more then one kids in a unstable situation so what if she had another baby at least shes not a porn star shes going to school for something better she doesnt go on shows just to get money she didnt sell her body for money Farrah your a horrible mother and person

  22. Seriously? Make a better environment for Sofia? You did adult videos and came out with an adult toy line!! I feel sorry for Sofia. At least jenelle knows her faults in life and accepts her actions. You’re dumb.

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