Leah Calvert Opens Up About Financial Problems


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert recently opened up to In Touch Magazine about her financial struggles due to medical bills for her daughter Ali who has ‘Muscular Dystrophy.’ It’s been a rocky road leading to that diagnosis, Ali has been to countless doctor appointments and therapy sessions. Those visits add up and it looks like the reality of that debt is hitting Leah hard. 

“It’s stressful because insurance doesn’t cover the whole cost. One bill alone was $20,000,” Leah says. “Ali is really smart and she’s well aware of her disease, but she doesn’t let it burden her.

Leah and husband Jeremy have been pretty open about Jeremy’s high paying job, claiming at one point that he makes nearly 20K a month. You wouldn’t expect for them to be struggling with paying for medical bills by looking at their current lifestyle. Leah and Jeremy have new vehicles (plus one they bought for Leah’s sister), a home, new clothes, Leah’s hair and nails are always getting done.  Clearly they aren’t in any real financial danger at the moment. I’m sure they are doing what they need to do to plan for their financial future. We all know from watching ‘Teen Mom 2’ that Jeremy works hard to take care of Leah and the girls so I’m sure they will get it all figured out!


  1. Come on Leah! I live in WV – my dad and brother both work in the coal mines – which Cory does too – or at least did – Which means Cory too has insurance for Ali – not to mention – the variety of services available for children with severe health problems like Ali – I think it’s AWFUL for u to use Ali’s health problems as the only reason for your financial predicament – we have watched you for a few years now spend money like it grows on trees! It’s not like we didn’t see this coming! You are NEVER HAPPY with the material things in your life – you want bigger – better – and more – you’ve upgraded homes and vehicles as if your access to money was unlimited! Not just one or even two vehicles – but several! You also bought your sister a car – (which would be fine if you could afford it and didn’t have a sick child) you wear NOTHING BUT brand name clothes – you have your hair done – changing color and style as if you were a real movie star! This is what happens when people like you live above their means! So now don’t you dare use fans and others for handouts or to fix problems you clearly are the fault of creating! I understand and agree Ali’s health problems are expensive and probably very demanding – that’s why you as her mother should have made sure money was tight and frivolous spending wasn’t taking place! Don’t dare expect – and shame on you if you do – take money from others – people who most likely have a lot less than you and haven’t had the opportunities to have the chance to make the amount of money that you have been blessed to make in a very short time – but wasted mainly on your wants and desires!!!! You’ve made enough money off the back of innocent people – without doing anything other than smiling for the camera!!!! Let’s not forget the chance Jeremy had to make 40,000.00 in just under a months time in Mexico – but – your insecurities and wants were more important! You have also refused to – like you tell Jeremy – “man up” – with getting a job – even keeping a part time job – and refusing to go to college and actually stay there long enough to get a degree where you – the mother of a very sick child – should be preparing for and securing the future and needs of that sick child – not waiting for a man, fans, strangers – everyone else other than yourself – to take care of!!!!! Last but not least – we know what’s going on with you sharing this information – you would never come right out and ask for money from strangers (or maybe you would) but by putting this out there – especially since you have a sick child – you know it is almost a guarantee that others will feel sorry for you and money will come rolling in!!! I’ve read where fans send clothes, toys, gifts, money cards, money – etc – to you now – isn’t that enough? Again – SHAME ON YOU! And ANYONE who helps you in this scam!!!!!

  2. she never said Corey didn’t have insurance for Ali, she said that it doesn’t cover the entire cost!
    same with medical bills.
    back the fuck off sweetheart, you only know what you’ve seen on tv,

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