Animal Control Jenelle Evans

Over the weekend a series of unfortunate events took place while Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith were having family photos taken with their newborn baby. While the family was out enjoying a photo shoot one of their dogs was left outside chained to a tree.

There was bad weather that day so a random animal lover was concerned about the dog being left outside with no shelter from the storm and decided to call Animal Control who quickly came out to check on the animal. Nathan’s husky was found with a tangled chain that no longer allowed him to reach his water bowl.

According to Smarty Jones of TheRealTeenMomTalk, who spoke with Animal Control that day,  the Husky’s fur was matted and falling out around his collar.  His claws were also of concern to AC because they were allegedly overgrown to the point of curling under his paws.

Animal Control did not take the dog but they did leave a warning on Jenelle and Nathan’s door telling them they needed to give the dog shelter if they were leaving him outside. When Jenelle and Nathan returned home the dog was gone. After speaking with Animal Control themselves they realized the dog was actually taken by someone else although they have yet to find out who. “F***ing twitter hater stole Nathan’s dog. Claims that he was ‘stuck around a tree’ when he freely runs around our yard. Then stalked our house, we come home Nathan’s dog is GONE. The police do not have him they said. I cannot believe this. Cannot wait to move. SO SICK of being harassed on a daily basis, now robbing ? This is insane.” Jenelle vented on Facebook.


Many fans were outraged that Jenelle and Nathan left the dog outside in the first place. They have other pets that were not left outside all day so it doesn’t make much sense that they would leave out the Husky. (Other than maybe Jenelle’s blatant disliking of the dog. She has said outright on Twitter that she doesn’t like the Husky, meanwhile often taking photos and talking about her pit bull and kitten.) “[You’re] not hurting me at all, yr hurting my best friend right now and that’s what is making me furious.” Jenelle continued.

Here are some screen shots and photos of the incident and what Nathan had to say about his dog being taken away.  PLUS photos of the many animals Jenelle has gone through since we started following her life 4 years ago.

What do you think of the situation? Should Jenelle and Nathan have left their dog outside all day? Do you think it was right to notify Animal Control? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

UPDATE! Jenelle Evans is denying all reports of the husky being poorly taken care of. (Well of course) She also says that the dog is back at home. “Yes nathan has his dog back, yes he was stolen. Legal action has been taken place.” she tweets.