Nathan Griffith Talks About the Birth of Baby Kaiser!

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith of ‘Teen Mom 2’ have welcomed an adorable little bundle of joy named Kaiser to the world! Getting him here though, was “rough” according to Nathan in a brand new interview with OK! Magazine that describes Jenelle’s labor and delivery.

She was screaming for about eight hours,” he explained. “For me, it was a bunch of mixed emotions. I cried when she was in pain and I cried when the baby was born. I was just a mess!

From the looks of things the couple have been very happy and doing their best to make good decisions (at least lately) for their new little family. Nathan says that he wants custody of Jace and that it is “unsettling” for him that Barbara is taking care of him. “She hasn’t grown up yet—and I don’t like that.” Nathan says. “He listens to me, and I’m a good role model for him.” There was no mention of Nathan’s daughter Emery or Nathan attempting to get her in his custody.

To hear more of Nathan’s thoughts and to see more brand new photos of baby Kaiser click HERE!

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