Farrah Abraham Erotic Trilogy Book Covers Revealed


Farrah Abraham has officially released one of three erotic novels. The first book called “Celebrity Sex Tape: In the Making” is about a young star’s journey in the world of celebrity sex tape making. Or at least that’s what I think it’s about I’m not even really sure. I haven’t actually read the book yet, just this little snippet from Cosmopolitan.

Anywho, I’m not going to lie, I actually do like the cover art for all three books to come. Farrah recently shared the covers of her trilogy on Twitter and they are actually rather nice looking.


The second book is titled: “Celebrity Sex Tape: The Secret is Out.” This book is already available for pre-order on Amazon. Here is the description listed on there: “To the world I’m another crazed hungry starlet: shaky romances, multi-million dollar endorsements and deals, party addictions, top news and back-stabbing friends—the never-ending topic of conversation. The public may finally be starting to see through the fog of sulfur in the air to the person underneath the fame. I’m on a journey to find myself and I’m doing it in the bluntest way possible—my way. Sometimes it feels like the world is against me but that won’t stop me from the lifestyle I’ve always wanted.” The second part of this trilogy will be out October 14th.


The third installment is titled “Celebrity Sex Tape: Love Through Limelight” which I can only imagine will be the happy ending to Farrah’s fictional series. (That just happens to be based on a lot of real events…)

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