Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Argue Over His Drinking Problem Sneak Peek

Jenelle Evans Alcohol

In a new sneak peek for this week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans confronts Nathan about his excessive drinking. Right off the bat I’m going to hand it to Jenelle for being shockingly clam about this. Perhaps pregnancy hormones work in reverse for her because she handled herself quite well. I for one would have been way more pissed if my boyfriend was out drinking all day away from his pregnant girlfriend. (My husband felt guilty for even having a beer now and then during my pregnancy!)

Jenelle simply asked him if he felt that his drinking was a problem. They both agreed that he drinks too much and that he makes bad decisions when drunk but for some reason he flips out anyway. Jenelle is for once acknowledging that they both need to get it together and quick getting into trouble which is good. Maybe she’s learning from her mistakes? Lets hope Nathan is doing the same.

Check out the sneak peek and tune in for a new episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Wednesday July 23rd at 10pm.

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