Jenelle Evans Shares Half Naked Photo of Her Future Husband, Says “Hands Off Ladies!”

Because that makes so much sense right? A couple of days ago Jenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ shared the following photo of her newest baby daddy Nathan Griffith and captioned it: “Can’t wait to marry u and wake up to THIS every morning. #HandsOff ladies.” 

Nathan Griffith Ass

There are a number of things that I find odd about this post. First of all, hasn’t Jenelle had enough nude/half nude photo internet drama in her life? This is just not classy and I hate that young girls will see this and think it’s OK to post photos like this of their boyfriend or girlfriend online. Yes yes that’s just my OPINION and blah blah blah but really…. I don’t recommend it.

Also what is she even talking about? She wakes up to his naked self every morning because they already live together and oh yeah have a child. So I’m pretty sure she’s greeted with that view everyday.

Lastly why is she even telling girls to keep their “hands off?” I mean we all see how Jenelle reacts to Nathan talking to other girls, so why try to “show off” his naked body on the internet? Does she want girls to be jealous of her so that she can freak out on them when they come on to her man?

What do you think of Jenelle’s post? Is it perfectly appropriate and sweet or a little too much?


  1. Wow she is playing with fire. Let me tell you what happened to me with my HUSBAND.
    I was young and never had an encounter with another girl up to this point. I was so gullible .
    My husband was military so we would go out with the guys in his company. And thats how I made friends, the wives would get together and form friendships while the guys would hang out. And when the guys would have to go out on maneuvers the wivies would get together. And this is where the problems started. We would talk about our husbands, children and sex lives. Well when talking about my sex life with my husband I told them how big he was (yep you guessed it, his privates). So fast forward a couple of month and I finally got a day off from work. So a really GOOD friend from across the street came over and during our conversation she let me know that while sitting on her front porch she saw a car pull up to my house and a pretty blonde girl knocked on my door and after my husband answered she was invited in and the door was closed. My GOOD friend said within 3 to 4 minutes my front door flew open and my husband had the pretty blond by the seat of the pants and the collar at the back of her neck, and he was running her out the front door then flung her in the street. All the time he said Get the hell out and don’t you ever come back here again.

    So after listening to this story I thanked her and told her that I would handle it from this point. So when my husband got home I relayed this story to him and he told me that it did happen but that he didn’t want to tell me because he knew it would hurt me.
    But then he told me that she had said to him that all she could think about was his large member. And that she had to have it because she wasn’t being taken care of at home.
    So lesson………never show, complain or talk about your personal life to anyone. You never know what their state of mind is.
    Jenelle is sharing to much of herself and her guy.
    Sorry about the long letter her but I am doing this to help others hopefully.

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