Another Baby For Jenelle Evans??

Jenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ recently did an online interview with MTV in which she gave her thoughts about having more kids. Right now Jenelle gets her first son Jace on the weekends and just gave birth to a second little boy recently with boyfriend Nathan Griffith. Nathan has a daughter that he gets about once a month or so.

Jenelle Evans Baby number 3

So technically when/if Jenelle and Nathan get married that’s three kids in their little family! That’s not stopping them from wanting to have more though. When MTV asked how many kids they want to have in the future Jenelle replied, “One more! We want to try for a girl.”  Jenelle also says if she had a baby girl she would name her “Lydia.”

What do you think about these two having more kids!?


  1. I think it would be awesome no one should judge her from her past everyone makes mistakes and she is a awesome mom I say go for it and congrats on the baby u have two handsome boys

  2. I think it would be great. She seems to be doing a lot better. As long as she works to keep it up I don’t see an issue. However, I would personally wait till the newest baby got a bit older and she hopefully got custody of Jace.

  3. Her first pregnancy might have been “a mistake”. Second one (in her situation) is not very smart. Both of them should be ‘fixed’ to not have any more. Taxpayers (like me) are going to have to support those kids because of their irresponsibility of not using protection.
    Shows like this are just promoting teen and unmarried pregnancies.

    • People should certainly have fewer kids, but forced sterilization is far from an acceptable method. The first child is being cared for by the grandmother, and she has MTV money, so I doubt any of her kids will take a penny from your bank account. Jenelle is finally getting her shit together. I think a third kid would be a big step backwards, but she isn’t planning (from what I can see) to start trying immediately. As for shows like this promoting teen pregnancy, you are incorrect. Teen pregnancies have been declining for quite some time, and took an even more dramatic turn downward when 16 and Pregnant started airing. If anything, the show displays the fact that *even with MTV money,* being a young, immature parent is tough.

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