In the new sneak peek of this week’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah and Jeremy have a big fight in the car about Leah’s excessive spending.

Leah recently confessed that she is having trouble paying for all of Ali’s medical bills but you wouldn’t know it after finding out how much money these two spend all the time.

Leah Clavert

In the sneak peek Jeremy tells Leah to stop “lying about money” and how much she spends. He even looks at their bank statement on his phone to show here where she spends “$1800… $2000… and $1200.” His main concern is paying their monthly bills plus things that they owe like taxes. MTV doesn’t take taxes out of the girls paychecks so they end up owing that money at the end of the year. This has recently gotten Maci Bookout into some trouble, and even almost caused Kailyn and Javi of ‘Teen Mom 2’ to postpone their wedding. So it seems reasonable to want to cut down on excessive spending in order to pay off the important things.

Leah justifies spending a large amount of money on signing up to be a Mary Kay consultant. (Which she did just a few months ago, so this fight is pretty recent.) What do you think? Is Mary Kay a reasonable expense for Leah or does she need to cut back?