SNEAK PEEK: Leah and Jeremy Calvert Fight Over Money and Leah’s Spending Habits!

In the new sneak peek of this week’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah and Jeremy have a big fight in the car about Leah’s excessive spending.

Leah recently confessed that she is having trouble paying for all of Ali’s medical bills but you wouldn’t know it after finding out how much money these two spend all the time.

Leah Clavert

In the sneak peek Jeremy tells Leah to stop “lying about money” and how much she spends. He even looks at their bank statement on his phone to show here where she spends “$1800… $2000… and $1200.” His main concern is paying their monthly bills plus things that they owe like taxes. MTV doesn’t take taxes out of the girls paychecks so they end up owing that money at the end of the year. This has recently gotten Maci Bookout into some trouble, and even almost caused Kailyn and Javi of ‘Teen Mom 2’ to postpone their wedding. So it seems reasonable to want to cut down on excessive spending in order to pay off the important things.

Leah justifies spending a large amount of money on signing up to be a Mary Kay consultant. (Which she did just a few months ago, so this fight is pretty recent.) What do you think? Is Mary Kay a reasonable expense for Leah or does she need to cut back?


  1. No its no reasonable. … my aunt does Mary Kay…. and I dont see why she is spending that much on her makeup stuff. . Maybe idk enough about it…. but if she is spending that and clearly not making it back she needs to stop… before this scene Leah is starting to get annoying.. she is back and forth with what she wants.

  2. I used to be in Mary Kay it’s not a good company your sales director pushes you to order product to help her get more commission. Leah can send her product back and get 90% of her money back. She needs to focus on her family something Mary Kay claims to put above the business but encourages just the opposite

  3. I grew up in a poor family in the South, and my parents had Leah’s attitude about money. As long as the immediate bills were paid, they felt as if the rest of the weekly paycheck was their money to blow on junk and stupid stuff, instead of saving that extra weekly money to put aside for things like insurance for medical and dental care (of which I had no care except for emergencies which caused huge bills which my parents blamed for…my dad didn’t believe in insurance).
    Leah also comes across as believing that her MTV money is HER money (which she gets to blow while Corey’s support and Jeremy’s job pay the bills), instead of having a joint account where a couple is careful with their spending habits and are held accountable to each other. IMO, that’s why Jeremy makes the statement something about opening back up his own account.

  4. Leah needs to save money for her children it’s not only Jeremy’s and Cory’s responsibility to do it I used to sell Mary Kay and it’s not worth putting in 2000 grand for this its ridiculous you should be getting money to support your family not spending what ever little money you have for your family on stupid things like that

  5. Leah needs to send back all of her MaryKay products and get back 90% of what she paid, plus the tax on the retail amount. She will never be able to sell any of that product….even at a discount. eBay, craigslist and amazon have MK products for even less than Leah paid for them. MaryKay is an evil company that destroys relationships, causes people to lose their homes and go deep into debt (bankruptcy).
    They should also put 15% (minimum) into a savings account and never, ever touch it. They need to grow up and be responsible for their bills because I am NOT going to pay for their irresponsibility.

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