PHOTO!! Catelynn Lowell’s Baby Bump!!

Finally! Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra make their pregnancy public knowledge! Catelynn shared the photo below with the caption “#it’sofficial #4months” And it’s a glorious photo of this proud mama!

Catelynn Loweel Baby Bump 2014

Congratulations Catelynn! We can’t wait to see more about her pregnancy. See her first ultrasound photo HERE.


  1. I love Catelynn & Tyler.. their so awesome. Can’t wait to see their new addition congrats guys

  2. Catelynn and Tyler r both my faveroite couple and I am so glad and excited that they r having a nother little baby I hope they have a nother girl and I hope Catelynn’s mother doesn’t get on her case this time after all they both were only teens the first time they got pregnet with Carley and they wanted the best for her.

    • She’s a second time mama, though. A lot of mothers get big quicker after they’ve already been pregnant. The muscles in the stomach aren’t as strong and tight most of the time after you’ve had a baby. Well, they are if you are killing it at the gym all the time to keep them toned and strong but I don’t know that she did that so a bigger bump makes sense 🙂

  3. I cant wait to see what they are having it will give Carly a brother or sister she will know because of the interaction they have with the adopted parents….two very blessed children congrats to both

      • I don’t think the comment was rude. It’s mainly a matter of opinion. Which I would ask the same question too! If she was so bent on giving up the first child. would she do the same to this little one? I’m a parent myself. Granted I’m 30 with my first child, but there’s no difference. I wasn’t stable nor married, just chose to unprotect myself with my mate. Which resulted into a healthy baby boy. To whom I carried for nine months. Watch grow and be birthed naturally. No darn way I was giving him up. I was determined to make the best life possible for my son. Every since the day he was born I have worked my tail off to support him. I feel as though I was big enough to lay down and make him, I was going to take care of him.The show in my eyes glorifies unwed parents, and a new social norm to be a teen having children. Moreover, the decision to have unprotected sex, which results in pregnancy. Then, to give the baby up for adoption. How will the other child feel when she gets older? Why mommy and dad felt it was okay to give me up and have another one years later? Having another child will ultimately be a slap in the face to Carley, no matter how anyone thinks. I’ve lived it personally with my niece and nephew. Those questions do come and resentment is what the other child will and have towards mom and dad. Irresponsible on both ends. Yes, they were young and unstable. However, what makes them stable enough now? Truly no one is ready financially or emotionally for a baby. No matter the age, but having a support system and guidance can prevent unnecessary pregnancies/statistics. We all need to quit endorsing the unjust society we have become accustomed to and get back to the correct standards of sanity. Have we no shame anymore?

        • First off..congrats on your healthy baby boy..second.. not everyone us stable enough and has a good support system like you. They were in high school there parents were on drugs. They can’t help that. Would you rather see the Carly in the middle of all that name calling..low rating each other..flip flopped from Tylers to Catelynns house? I think it took a lot of bravery and heart and a piece of their soul to give that baby was so unselfish of them to want a better life for Carly..Most mothers are so selfish and inconsiderate of their kids life..that they leave them with grandparents to make a porn movie…yeah you know who I’m talking about..Tyler and Catelynn are an icon of true parents..unselfish love…I’m finish..have a good life.

  4. I’m a child of adoption and I couldn’t be more blessed with the parents I have! I think they made a wonderful choice knowing they was young and still in school now there older and ready to start a family there isn’t anything wrong with that! Congrats you two!

  5. Good for you Catelyn. It is your decision to do whatever you want to with your body. It is no-one business but yours and Tyler’s.

  6. HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! like you said you are thirty with ur first child lol not 16. Your life should have already been stable enough for a child anyways

  7. Grats to you both!! BE HAPPY, don’t ever worry about what others think or say about anything! You and Tyler are adults now and it’s YOUR lives! EVERYONE deserves to be happy and it was obvious that you loved your baby and you both did the right thing for her at that time in your lives. Be proud, never ashamed! <3 The love between you two radiates all around you guys and shows in your faces and smiles! Bless you both and your little ones! 😉

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