POLL: Did Jenelle Evans Abuse Her Dog?

Nates Dog

Jenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ never disappoints when it comes to bringing non stop drama to the show. Sadly though this time it involves innocent animals and it’s got fans in an uproar.  

In last night’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle looses it when her boyfriend’s husky escapes from his crate and uses the floor as his bathroom. She screams at him and chases him around the trashed garage until she finally locks him back in the crate.


Later in the episode we see the torn up furniture and dog food spilled all over the garage is still there. She evens admits that she’s not going to clean it up. (I guess it waited for Nathan to get out of jail)


Then Jenelle places her 2 large dogs in one crate while she goes to breakfast with her son Jace (who is still living with Babs btw) and while she goes to the store to get new crates. The 2 dogs don’t even have enough room to both lay down in the crate together so it’s not surprising that they get irritated and start to fight.


Jenelle reprimands Nathan’s dog (the husky) and only frees her own dog (the pit bull) from it’s crate prison. The whole time saying over and over that the husky is “mean” and that she’s going to “get rid” of him. Also teaching her young son Jace to say these things as well.

The incident was alarming enough to MTV for them to put an animal abuse message at the end of the episode.  MTV also posted a video of Jenelle to their website officially apologizing for her behavior. Fans didn’t take it too seriously considering she says how dearly she loves the dogs, while also tweeting about how she doesn’t like the Husky at all. Clearly this was a “lets cover our a$$” situation.

This episode could not have aired at a worse time for Jenelle too. Very recently Animal Control was called on Jenelle and Nathan about their husky being left tied to a tree in the rain. Read all about that HERE.

So the big question. Do you think Jenelle abuses the Husky? Or do you think this is all blown out of proportion?


  1. I have two Huskies and I find this very cruel, Huskies are not mean by nature but if they have been abused like any other dog, that can make them mean!!! Janelle shouldn’t have any animals let alone kids!! Oh and Husky’s are destructive when left alone and unattended to for long periods of time, pay attention to them and they are less destructive but they get bored and lonely, it is just their nature!!

    • You said it. I could hardly watch it! The whole thing was awful. Those 20% plus that polled, that said it was NO big deal, have problems! Hope they are not animals owners! Her son is getting to be just like her, poor child. All he has heard is yelling, swearing. I was afraid to see they have a cat! I wonder if it’s still alive? I wish they would relinquish the dogs. Stuck in a hot garage. What kind of life is that???

    • unfortunately that’s not true from me when I was a kid I actually got chased by a husky because he was trying to kill me I barely escaped I did not do anything to that dog at all

      • I had two huskies living next-door to me and they were the friendliest dogs I’ve ever seen. Did you do something to the husky to get him to act like that?

  2. I didn’t see her hitting the dog like some would have. I do however feel if you own a large dog like that you can’t crate them as often as she does. She should walk them so they crap away from the house. You should not expect a dog to hold in potty while you’re gone all day. Either put them on a runner if it’s nice out or lock them in the garage with appropriate dog necessities. Or don’t own one.

  3. The people who say it is no big deal should be locked in a cage that is too small, yelled at, miss treated and from what I read in another article tied to a tree for hours on end without shelter, water or food. Once they face that cruelty maybe those who have no problem would be freed from their stupidity. Janelle should not be allowed to care for those precious animals. She is dangerous!

  4. apparently no one here has ever been pregnant with 2 large dogs and did anyone ever think that maybe she locked the two dog sin the crate while she brought the new crates in because the garage door was open. Don’t judge before knowing the whole story

    • Oh please I’m pregnant and have a German Shepherd!! My fiancé works 6am until 2 pm so I have to care for him. Pregnancy is no excuse seriously enough of that its annoying!!!

    • I believe the garage door was probably closed. That’s why the husky started tearing up things. (Out of frustration being locked in a most likely HOT garage!) Did you see the crates she bought? Not cages, where they could at least have air and breathe, but, ones with random air holes for circulation! We saw enough of the story to realize what was going on. How she poorly she treats animals. Do you not see how she is hot tempered in general???? I feel so sorry for her child on the way!

  5. I wish someone would cage her like the animal she is. She is one of the most vile human beings I’ve ever seen. She shouldn’t own a dog let alone have children. I wouldn’t trust her to care for a fish!!

    • I completely agree with your comment. I wouldn’t let that girl alone with a fish! And she is allowed to be alone with her child?? Well, technically her child, Jace, I think it’s nasty how MTV is allowing this girl to continue to get paid for Teen Mom, after she is a child abuser, and now an animal abuser. And Her stupid boyfriend who is the owner of the beautiful husky that Jenelle was abusing doesn’t even seem to care. He is defending people who are mad at her for abusing the dog! If someone locked my dog in a cage all day and did what she did I would have her arrested. But MTV is a crock, because they allow this stuff to happen. I was crying when I saw what she did. There is definitely something wrong with this country. I know there is a lot of garbage on tv these days. But MTV has hit an all time low, with allowing this stuff to happen on their station.

  6. Yea you have one dog and big wop you have responsibility for 8hrs. I have locked my dogs in a small space for a short amount of time to bring stuff in the house or to clean up some shit they destroyed and believe me I’m not anywhere near a bad person. People can’t be perfect and I’m sure that if you were being filmed 24/7 someone would be saying how bad of a mother you are too. And I’ve worked in advertisement if MTV cared that much about how they looked to the public about the situation they wouldn’t have shown that scene, so think about it and don’t be stupid. All I’m saying is don’t judge someone you don’t know.

    • True, we can only go by what we actually see. I can only imagine what we’re not seeing. Scary! She also acted like this in front of her already disturbed child. She shouldn’t be responsible for any animal or child. Her boyfriend is just as immature and selfish. That baby doesn’t have a chance. I hope the dogs run away!

    • I don’t think you watch the show. The dogs are ALWAYS in the cages. And she has unaccounted for pets. Namely, the white miniature puppy she was holding while she was nodding out on heroin with Kieffer. Stop making excuses for animal abuse. If she can’t handle dogs, she needs to rehome them with people who can. She has a short fuse on a good day, this was just par for the course with her and her lack of patience, empathy, and the wellbeing of any breathing creature.

  7. That was outright animal abuse. Those dogs are suffering. They need exercise! They need stimulation! You can’t lock a big beautiful dog like that in a tiny crate all day! I’m not afraid to say it: THAT’S TORTURE. She yells at the dogs, doesn’t exercise them enough, doesn’t give them the opportunity to go potty outside of the house. These are sweet dogs that love human company. If these dogs stay with her we are really failing our companion animals. #rescue

    • Jenelle should be put in prison!!! For everything that she has done!! And this puts the icing on the cake! She makes me sick, and MTV should be ashamed of itself for allowing this shit to be on here, and not doing a damn thing about it.

  8. I think what she did was not cruel at all the dog went to the bathroom inside she has a right to discipline the animals my dog goes potty inside I spank her on the butt cause they will never learn if you don’t give the animals some obedience.

    • If you have to hit an animal to discipline it, you have problems. And you shouldn’t own an animal. It’s not as of these dogs did something wrong. They are constantly locked in a crate. Where are they supposed to go to the bathroom? They don’t get exercise, they don’t get walked, they don’t go to the dog park to run and play. They are trapped in cages, not socialized, and not exercised enough. Jenelle is a horrible caretaker.

    • Just so you know, spanking your dog for going in the house will teach the dog NOTHING! Dogs don’t understand that I got spanked for peeing in the house, all they see is you hitting them and scaring them. If your dog is peeing in the house, maybe it needs to get let out more often. You can’t get mad at a dog for no longer being able to hold their potty.

    • That wasn’t discipline. She went psycho on the poor dog. With the amount of poop/urine/damage to that garage, I’d say the dog was in there for a long time without being let out or checked on. It’s not the dog’s fault and it’s neglect. Then to yell at the poor dog and drag it across the floor because she didn’t properly care for it is just wrong.

    • Dog went to the bathroom inside because he’s not getting proper attention or care the garage is probably hot too and huskeys need to be in cool places she is a terrible dog owner and even shoved the “dog she liked” into the dark crate after only being out for minutes. Why aren’t these dogs living in the house they should be a part of the family!!! Your a bum and we should take your pets away too!!!!!

    • The dog went to the bathroom inside because she never takes them out. Are you kidding me? I hope you don’t have pets. I know this is old, but I had to say something. That is the stupidest thing I’ve heard. If a dog goes to the bathroom in the house, it’s the human’s fault, no matter the circumstance. Dogs will not void close to where they have to sleep by nature. So if your dog is, it’s because you aren’t taking them out, you didn’t teach them, etc. It is not the damn dog’s fault. And there is never a reason to hit a dog. I trust your parents never hit you for crapping your pants by mistake?

    • Never mind, read the rest of your comment. You are a terrible person for “spanking” your dog on the butt if it has an accident. People like you make me sick. If your dog has an accident, it’s because of you. I have never had to strike any of my dogs to teach them to potty where they are supposed to. You suck.

  9. Have any of you ever seen those dogs in the house? No you have not. That means that these poor dogs are confined to a life in a GARAGE!! They would be better taken care of at an animal shelter!! At least there they would be taken on potty walks and get food, water AND decent shelter!!!

  10. Both dogs need to be removed from that house!! I was horrified seeing this! My stomach is in knots! She should never be allowed to own a living creature! And she’s a teen Mom? OMG! Please God, send in your rescue Angels. Imagine what their lives are like when no one is around! My heart breaks for both dogs!

  11. It is animal cruelty! I don’t care if the dog is big or small they should not be locked in a crate. I hope the dogs get taken from her and placed in a good home with someone that knows how love and care for animals like one of the family. I’m sure the husky does not like her either. It made me sad to see the way she treated the dogs.

  12. Let’s be honest anyone who says Jenelle has had it hard need to give their head a shake she never worked a day in her life she has two new cars , eats out all the time treats her mom like shit ,people that support her must be watching something different then I am

  13. It funny how all yall say that they dogs are Locked in the crate all day long when no of you idiots know that for a fact what goes on and how long they were in the crates for, so no one truly knows if these dogs get no exercise or mistreated. This show is on for one hour and prolly just on her life for 20-39mins. Also did any of you bright individuals realize that the show edits and that scene could have been taken on two seperate days.

    • You’re an idiot and please go back to your section 8 and never have pets! I can tell your uneducated by your grammar!

  14. You don’t know what happens in an entirety of her day, either, yet here you are defending her abhorrent behavior, with just as much information as the rest of us.

    Just think: If this is the way she carries on in front of the camera, what do you think happens when the cameras aren’t even around? One would have to be an absolute idiot to not be able to properly connect those dots.

    Also, you might want to refrain others intelligence while bandying “prolly” around, as that’s not even a word. Just a thought.

  15. Im not defending I just dont judge like all yall are doing because I dont know her personally. No one is perfect and again if there were cameras on any of us 24/7 im sure we could be portrayed as horrible people too even tho we aren’t. And yes I typed tho doesn’t make me any less educated especially since I PROLLY have a higher education then most of yall on this blog

      • It has nothing to do with throwing stones. What do you even mean by that? Let’s say I abused an animal. (Never have, but let’s say I did). Does that mean I can’t call out jenelle for abusing hers? If that’s what you mean, you’re as much of an idiot as she is. It’s called ABUSE. and it is INTOLERABLE. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL ABUSE ABD WE SHOULD CALL IT OUT EVERYTIME WE SEE IT.

        those poor dogs are completely dependent on Jenelle! They are highly intelligent, loving beings! We have FAILED THEM if they are allowed to stay with her after this ABUSE has been shown on national TV.


    • Well Miss Yall… As a 25 year dog trainer and cert Vet Tech I trump your education by leaps and bounds. It should be illegal to crate beyond 3 hours and NEVER tie a dog out. If you can’t properly care for them and with a yard DO NOT OWN A DOG! I can glance at that situation and see great neglect including long periods of being locked up. Those dogs could EASILY have maimed or killed one another in a cage together. ALL dogs need mental and physical EXERCISE. Janelle and Nathan BOTH need sterilized themselves. USELESS to society. Dogs need REMOVED and THAT is a fact. NEXT……………………

  16. I’m not going to judge. TV shows like to take parts out to make things look worse than they are… And what better way to get higher ratings and/or more viewers by stupid crap like this….

    • It doesn’t matter if they took a billion “parts” out. Doesn’t matter. All that matters is what we saw, and we saw animals BEING ABUSED. there is no reason for that. What we didn’t see doesn’t matter. There is no explanation or reason for ABUSE. what we saw is what matters and there is no denying it – SHE IS AN AWFUL HUMAN BEING WHO IS AN ANIMAL ABUSER AND SHOULD NOT OWN PETS!

  17. Stupid, stupid, stupid idiot that you are Jenelle!! What the hell kind of example are you setting for your kid by allowing him to see you abuse those animals. Surprised that you were not arrested after the show was aired and thrown in the can like your jerky lazy boyfriend

    Shame on you! Grow the hell up and you and your jerk give the dogs to someone who will love them, can afford them, and will take proper care of them. Also, why do you keep having kids? Do you think it is cute?

  18. I think people just want something to be mad at. She did not beat the dogs or anything like that. People please get over yourself and leave Janelle alone. She has finally got her life together and people are looking for any reason to bring her down. I am going to say this, ” let those who are without sins cast the first stone.” No one is perfect. She is doing a lot better now. She was pregnant and stressed out so that was it. People act like they would not have been angry coming home to that mess and then add on pregnancy and Nathan being gone. Come on people give her a break. Besides tv always makes thing worse by not showing the whole story and editing. So to everyone saying she shouldn’t own a pet, get real. And to Janelle girl keep your head up and brush tge haters off.

    • You’re an idiot. No one who is an ABUSER should EVER be given a break! If you were being abused would you want us all to give your abuser a break? Your comment makes no sense. THIS IS ABUSE AND IT MUST BE STOPPED. THE HELPLESS DOGS DID NOTHING TO DESERVE THIS.


  19. I don’t care of those were the only 5 minutes in her life that she treated those dogs so badly and that she treats them like kings every other second. THE DOGS DID NOT DESERVE THAT TREATMENT, PERIOD. It doesn’t matter if she was only that nasty to them “once”. ONCE IS ENOUGH. those dogs are helpless and dependent on Jenelle entirely. It is DISGUSTING to treat a helpless sensitive animal that way abd everyone who cares should tweet at, write to, and call the ASPCA and the HUMANE SOCIETY and the local police in Jenelle’s town because ANIMAL ABUSE IS 100% UNACCEPTABLE no matter if it was one time or a million times! Anyone defending her treatment of those sad scared dogs should be ashamed of themselves. And Janelle of you are reading this PLEASE GIVE UP YOUR DOGS. There are shelters that would take them in and they would live in loving responsible homes and get the love and affection and exercise that they deserve. Jenelle is CRUEL.

  20. Latricia, what world are you living in? She is a complete flake. Don’t make excuses for her! I was young when I had my sweet kids. I also worked full time as an accountant at a busy CPA firm, went to school at night, maintained a marriage and raised to wonderful sons. Included in the equation were dogs and cats that were lovingly cared for and a family who couldn’t stop crying when each went on their way to pet heaven. She doesn’t even work and what in the world does that freaky boyfriend/husband whatever the hell he is do for a living besides mooching off the system in jail?

  21. These two big dogs – especially the husky, a breed that is genetically very close to its wild ancestor, the wolf – need to be vigorously exercised daily, or else they will become destructive. I saw this episode, and the first thing I thought of when Jenelle discovered the husky had broken out of its wire crate and pooped all over the garage was that it had probably been locked in that crate all day long, with ZERO exercise that morning, and not even walked long enough that morning for it to move its bowels outside – hence the mess in the garage. Another thing not mentioned above was that, at the very end of the episode, Jennelle’s unsuccessful attempts to jam her pit bull mix dog into its new/unfamiliar crate result in the dog breaking free and running loose outside into the street (the garage door was open). Jenelle then responds by exclaiming “fine, I’m done!”, marching over to the husky’s crate, and letting THAT dog loose to roam the streets unsupervised, as well! This was – IMO – the MOST egregious act of all! The dogs could get into all kinds of serious trouble running loose on their own, from being hit by a car to attacking/injuring a neighbor’s child! How could this article have FAILED to mention this last horrific act?????!!!!! O M G!!!!!!

  22. I agree with whoever mentioned that the MTV camera crew is just as guilty for not intervening with the little bimbo as she continued to abuse the animals. Did you see the looks on those dogs faces? I was honestly sick to my stomach for the rest of the night. Those dogs were terrified! Way to go Jenelle. Only you can be so cruel that you have pissed off so many people. I can just imagine what goes on behind closed doors.

  23. Courtney, if you have to hit a dog to discipline him then you are a lazy owner. Neither you or Jenelle should have a pet until you learn the proper way to treat living things. Period.

  24. I want to know what we can do if we are fired up about this. Who can we call? Who do we complain to? I think formal complaints need to be filed and those poor beautiful dogs need to be removed from her custody ASAP. Any ideas?????

  25. There is no difference in parenting and being a dog owner. Can you imagine what Janelle is going to do when the baby fills his diaper, and she changes it, then the baby throws up, so she changes him then he fills his diaper again. I can see her saying, “No Fu%#ing way, I just changed you twice, so you can just wear it, I’M DONE”. Her mother knows her best and still refuses to hand over custody of Jace. I think we all know why. She is NOT mother material nor dog owner material.

  26. I don’t even watch this show or any other trashy reality show, but when I was flipping through the channels last night, the dogs caught my attention. These dogs should be taken away from this girl or family or whatever it is IMMEDIATELY! Not only was she screaming and terrifying these poor dogs, but they live in cages in a dirty garage. Are you kidding me, and this is being televised as if all is okay. Dogs are sensitive, emotional, domesticated, companion animals and should NEVER live chained or in a cage in a backyard or in a garage EVER! They should live inside a HOME with their human family pack and be loved and cared for OR DON’T HAVE PETS! IT IS THAT SIMPLE! What the hell is wrong with our society and why are these trashy people on reality television being glorified. Just unbelievable.

  27. Guys, you don’t know the entire story. I heard that dog called her a B*%&# and a C*&% and that’s what really made her explode.

    Seriously… the people who say we don’t know all the details are morons. The details that we do know….

    The dogs were left alone in a garage long enough for one to break out of it’s crate and leave a large amount of poo…..

    The dogs cowered… If I yelled at my dog it’d probably wag it’s tail and look at me confused…. do you know why? b/c I’ve never hit them. I’ve never even yelled at them in anger… only as a way to get their attention.

    Everyone making excuses for her behavior…. those excuses mean nothing to a dog. They don’t rationalize that she’s being abusive b/c she’s pregnant, or tired or just plain old trash. All they get to do, is live a life where they get to live in a garage, not as part of a family or pack, with ridiculous amounts of food or water in front of them…. so they don’t die even though they’re being neglected. And then they get a good amount of abuse when they try to break out of their boredom and loneliness. I wouldn’t wish that type of life on any living thing.

  28. WHY DOES SHE STILL HAVE THIS ANIMALS ????? WTF !!!! SHE IS VERY SICK and yet pop culture sells this junk to us for entertainment. SHE OBVIOUSLY HAS A MENTAL ILLNESS! !! WHY ISN’T SHE IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL? ??????

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