Nates Dog

Jenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ never disappoints when it comes to bringing non stop drama to the show. Sadly though this time it involves innocent animals and it’s got fans in an uproar.  

In last night’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle looses it when her boyfriend’s husky escapes from his crate and uses the floor as his bathroom. She screams at him and chases him around the trashed garage until she finally locks him back in the crate.


Later in the episode we see the torn up furniture and dog food spilled all over the garage is still there. She evens admits that she’s not going to clean it up. (I guess it waited for Nathan to get out of jail)


Then Jenelle places her 2 large dogs in one crate while she goes to breakfast with her son Jace (who is still living with Babs btw) and while she goes to the store to get new crates. The 2 dogs don’t even have enough room to both lay down in the crate together so it’s not surprising that they get irritated and start to fight.


Jenelle reprimands Nathan’s dog (the husky) and only frees her own dog (the pit bull) from it’s crate prison. The whole time saying over and over that the husky is “mean” and that she’s going to “get rid” of him. Also teaching her young son Jace to say these things as well.

The incident was alarming enough to MTV for them to put an animal abuse message at the end of the episode.  MTV also posted a video of Jenelle to their website officially apologizing for her behavior. Fans didn’t take it too seriously considering she says how dearly she loves the dogs, while also tweeting about how she doesn’t like the Husky at all. Clearly this was a “lets cover our a$$” situation.

This episode could not have aired at a worse time for Jenelle too. Very recently Animal Control was called on Jenelle and Nathan about their husky being left tied to a tree in the rain. Read all about that HERE.

So the big question. Do you think Jenelle abuses the Husky? Or do you think this is all blown out of proportion?