Leah Calvert Opens Up About Her Spending Problem:

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert loves to shop, which we found out in the most recent episode when Leah’s husband, Jeremy, tells her he’s frustrated with her excessive spending!


Leah dished out nearly 2 grand to become a Mary Kay consultant (basically makeup for her to sell) and then another 3 grand on a washer and dryer that they didn’t need. In a ‘Teen Mom 2’ bonus clip (watch it here) Leah admits,  “I have an issue with spending money. I do, because I think the biggest issue with me spending money is if I’m upset or hurt, it’s one thing that makes me feel happy. Which isn’t an excuse, but that’s what I do.

This may be the reason that she also claims to be “drowning” in medical bills for her daughter Ali.


  1. Totally understand I had that problem. Now I am out of money an eat instead. 😬😬 now working on that

  2. I grew up in a poor family in the South, and my parents had Leah’s attitude about money. As long as the immediate bills were paid, they felt as if the rest of the weekly paycheck was their money to blow on junk and stupid stuff, instead of saving that extra weekly money to put aside for things like insurance for medical and dental care (of which I had no care except for emergencies which caused huge bills which my parents blamed me for…my dad didn’t believe in insurance).
    Leah also comes across as believing that her MTV money is HER money (which she gets to blow while Corey’s support and Jeremy’s job pay the bills), instead of having a joint account where a couple is careful with their spending habits and are held accountable to each other. IMO, that’s why Jeremy makes the statement something about opening back up his own account.

  3. The only thing that makes you happy is spending money? How sad. And you have beautiful children that SHOULD be making you happy.

  4. I believe that all these girls but especially Leah do not even begin to know what or how hard it is to be a single or teen mom…I mean they get paid to be on television and most of the time they always have new phones, new cars, a big house to lve in…where in real life if you are a single and or a teen mom you can not even begin to afford these luxury items and most of the time is about living paycheck to paycheck barely getting by

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