PETA Sends Letter to Jenelle Evans About Her Dogs! Read it Here!


After the recent episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ in which Jenelle Evans was shown screaming at her dogs and locking them in tiny crates with no toys or room to stretch, fans were outraged. They flooded animal rights organizations with complaints in hopes of having the dogs removed from her care. One of those organizations, Peta, responded by sending the following letter to Jenelle:

Dear Ms. Evans:
I’m writing to you today from PETA, the world’s largest animal rights
organization, with more than 3 million members and supporters worldwide. We have been inundated with complaints from viewers about the treatment of your dogs as profiled on last night’s Teen Mom. Viewers can see that as much as you want to do the right thing for your dogs, you have so much going on in your life that you have neither the time nor the patience to give them what they need. They
are full of feelings and needs, just as you are, and when you scream at them, it clearly frightens and upsets them. This poster may help you see what we mean.We urge you to be strong and do what’s right: Please immediately make the commitment to finding them a new, suitable home where they are not kept in crates and punished and yelled at for relieving themselves.

You may not have realized that keeping your dogs crated for long periods of time deprives them of everything that is natural and important to them. Dogs must be able to go outside to relieve themselves often and regularly, and they need space in which to walk, run, and stretch out. It appears that your dogs don’t even have enough space in their crates to stand up properly—in fact, they can barely turn around, let alone stretch out. Can you imagine what this must feel like? Dogswho are caged for extended periods of time usually end up aggressive, withdrawn, hyperactive, and/or severely depressed, and they can also develop other medical issues, such as muscle atrophy and coprophagia, meaning that they will eat their own waste in order to avoid lying in it.

Please understand that dogs are not toys or amusements or possessions just to have around. They are highly social pack animals, who crave the company of people and other dogs. They deserve to be taken for long walks, allowed to play in the park, and treated as valued family members, not inconveniences in a busy life. The Spartanburg Humane Society can find a more suitable home for these
dogs, and PETA can help you if you wish by providing immediate transportation. For the dogs’ sake, please accept the humane society’s help. You will feel relieved and happy that you’ve been responsible and done right by them, rather than continuing in this way. If you have any questions, please contact me at or 323-210-2265. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. We look forward to hearing from you.
Merrilee Burke

After receiving this letter Jenelle responded via Twitter with the following photo and comment:


  1. they just need to take the dogs if they see how bad the situation and the dogs have no room or get yelled at for going the bathroom they probably were holding it all day and they have no room in the crates .

    • She doesn’t love those dogs if she is keeping 2 big dogs in the one small crate! that is not humane. I’m pretty sure that her boyfriend would be pist off about his husky be treated like that. She has no patience for anything and is having another child. Lord help her, she’s gonna need it. I was always hoping for a big turn around with her because i do want to like her because her son is just so adorable but i don’t foresee that ever happening.

      • Did you not see they were in one crate while she immediately bought new crates for both dogs when one crate had been broken? Sounds responsible to me.

    • No Kathy. It’s not ok to even do that once. I hope you don’t have any dogs either. Yikes….

  2. Really , it’s not like she was Beating them ! She jus lost it she was Prego at the time I’m sure we all have moments like that !

  3. Look at the damn crates! If she is going to put them in there then at least have them in something larger to fit them and with food and water. Also let them out every now and then. we have all seen on the show her temper. Obviously she takes it out on these poor animals.

  4. Can someone pleaseeee just take away her ability to reproduce or adopt a animal? Heaven knows she cannot take care of herself let alone another living being. She needs to be taken off teen mom, because no person like her should be supported in any way.

    Her shitty ass reply via Twitter really shows who she is and she will be the reason I don’t want teen mom anymore.

    Karma is a bitch and I can’t wait to see that train come around.

  5. Owning a pet is a privilege not a right. When she struggles so much to stay out of trouble and can’t even get custody of her own child, why should she be responsible for the safety and well being of these dogs. It’s an added stress that she can’t handle and she scared those poor dogs. That husky was running from her out if fear, not playfulness. She needs to grow up, let a humane society rehome those dogs, but as she already tweeted, she doesn’t care.

  6. The girl can’t take care of herself or her children, so no surprise she is unable to take care of a poor defenseless animal. I will she would’ve been ticketed and put in jail for neglect and animal abuse. I was literally sick watching this episode as well as outraged. Doesn’t Teen Mom 2 have some sort of obligation to report this kind of behavior?

    Also, it’s time to cut this girl off of a paycheck and the time of day, she is unworthy of either.

  7. She has a shitty attitude and the police needs to just REMOVE the dogs!! and the court needs to BAN her from ever having anymore since she has to be a bitch about people just trying to be nice about a situation she created!!! If she will treat her animals this way then I hate to see how she will treat Kiser!! No wonder her mom has Jace!!!! I hope Nathen never has to go away to jail again or she will scream at and probably lock Kiser in a cage in the garage!!!!!!!! GIVE UP THE DOGS JANELL AND FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE STOP BEING A F***ING BITCH!!!!!!! jmo

  8. you people just need to watch the show and stay out of shit and let others in her life take care of it.

    • Really who wants to watch a show where animals are getting abused only idiots and people that can care less what happens to animals we need to start a petition and get rid of that show or sue them for letting that air to sad for those pets shame on anyone that thinks this was ok

  9. They do realize that that episode was shot while she was pregnant right? And her son her now almost 2 months old? Probably should have talked to her during the time it was happening. Not 4-5 months later…

  10. Why does everyone give a fuck about what she does with her dogs? I’m pretty sure there are animals in worse situations than hers. Plus she pregnant which cones with a lot of hormones. You all over react. You only seen like 5 minutes of the dogs. You don’t know if they are in cages the entire time. And the dog was probably scared when she yelled because he knows he did wrong. Damn over dramatic people

  11. Janell was 8 or 9 months pregnant at the time with the stress of her boyfriend being in jail and the dog misbehaving multiple time I see where she is coming from I would be frustrated to. I don’t think she should have thrown the dog out but she was super stressed and it is not PETA’s place to tell her to give her dogs away and at this point that was two maybe three months ago the dog was let back in I’m sure she loved on him and said sorry and I highly doubt that, that has never even happened again give her a break

    • I highly doubt that if some could abuse their pets in public it scares me to death to think of whats going on behind closed doors you make it sound like everyone that is stressed abuses their pets its not the pets fault shes prego its not their fault her boyfriend is in jail she just needs to give them up so they could find a loving home and maybe it would take some of her stress away

    • That is completely wrong of u to say about someone…why would u wish that on her children…..grow up

  12. Get over it get a damn life oh wait u don’t since u just want to sit here and bitch about other ppl oh and stop judgeing I bet u all ain’t the perfect little Angel I yell at my dog and u know what he is the best behaved dog I know she didn’t hit the dogs they get feed so what they have a small cage maybe that’s all they have rite now so stop being so judgement get over yourselfs and get a freaking life

  13. Um PETA, she got upset at her dogs, ur not human if u don’t get upset. We shouldn’t take it out on our loved ones but we do it anyway.. Not really intending to, she was stressed out with Nathan bein gone and she was worried she would give birth without him. But also that girl constantly posts photos of her animals I can see she does love them. Give her a break.

  14. All of you who think pregnancy is an excuse for bad behavior are sad. Lots of women are pregnant and dealing with hormones and STILL manage not to be a raging idiot. Imagine that!

  15. just because ur prego doesn’t give her the right to treat the dogs bad ur basically saying its okay be mean to the dogs cause she’s prego fuck that she needs mental fucking help someone like her mom should 302 her get some gelp

  16. I completely agree, there is No excuse to beat on your dogs they have feelings too. She should just find a good home too. That crate is way too small for the husky much less putting another dog in there where they are crowded and cannot move.
    If she treats her dogs like that,I don’t want to even imagine what she would to her own child…

  17. Jenelle is truely an immature person… There was/is no excuse for the way she treated those dogs. She could not apologize enough for what she did to them. For some sick reason it seems as though she gets a free pass to abuse animals on TV, then tell PETA she doesn’t give a F*%! @…I just don’t understand the double standard. . Is it because she is on TV. Her excuse of being pregnant, nathan being in jail, her being alone and taking care of things by herself is such cop out, BS reason. She is supposed to be an adult with 2 Children, it’s called responsibility and being a decent person..which she is neither. This makes me so mad to think about. Bottom line is she is a very sick individual. Animal abuse is NEVER ok for any reason!!

    • The damn dogs are fine! It was not abuse nor neglect if that were the case the dogs would have been gone long before that episode even got filmed

  18. Please get these dogs away from her! They are scared of her!! This is not ok at all!!!!! This is flat out abuse and she is not a stable person! Look at her past and present life!!!

    • Her present life is just fine her past everyone needs to get the fuck over! The dogs are fine if they were harmed in anyway the cops would have taken them away by now even before the episode was filmed!

  19. She was NOT abusing or neglecting her damn dogs if that had been the case the cops would have taken the dogs away A LONG ASS TIME AGO people need to get over their stupidity toward Jenelle because she is a human being as are the rest of us we all make mistakes GET OVER IT!

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