Mackenzie Douthit on Getting a Boob Job:

Mackenzie Douthit didn’t take long to bounce back to her super petite and toned body after having two kids, but as it turns out she’s not completely happy with it. She may not have gained extra weight but it seems that pregnancy has left her with smaller breasts!


Mackenzie tweeted, “Having kids didn’t put weight on me or give me stretch marks,  it just took my boobs away.  Like I have nothing.” So does this mean Mackenzie can be added to the list of ‘Teen Moms’ that get plastic surgery? Acoording to Mackenzie it’s a big no. “Josh says he likes them the way they are and NO WAY can I get a boob job.”


Thankfully Mackenzie has an amazing husband that lets her know she’s perfect the way she is. Josh has made a complete turn around from the guy we saw on ‘Teen Mom 3.’ These two have been closer and stronger than ever.

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