VIDEO! Catelynn and Tyler Reveal the Gender of Their Baby!

Catelynn and tyler Gender Reveal

“Today is the day! We finally get to find out if we will have a son or a daughter #Anticipation #IsKillingMe” Tyler tweeted earlier today. The ‘Teen Mom’ stars Catelynn and Tyler had their gender reveal party this afternoon!ย

That’s right! It’s a…



  1. Does that mean it’s a girl? I was hoping it was a boy this time since they had a girl last time.

  2. So happy for them! They are great parents! They gave the best for their first girl, cause they knew they wasn’t able to give her the life she deserved. They have grown up to be great young adults! And they know they can give this baby girl and great life. And I’m sure the adopted parents will let the 2 sisters meet some day. SO PROUD OF YOU CATELYNN AND TYLER!

  3. Yes i totally respect this couple, you guys know how to work thru anything you guys are meant for each other! So happy and congrat’s !!!!!

  4. I wouldnt use the word proud…..nothing has changed for either of them since they threw there last kid away… shoulbt get to pick and choose what kid you do and dont want….if you dont want kids dont be a slut…simple solution….people get to msny options, ifbthere was less options people would be more responsible!!!!!

    • I find it disgusting to think that people really think it takes being a slut to get pregnant. You can get pregnant after having sex once.

    • You should learn to spell… They didn’t through their kid away, they gave her the best chance for a great life. She isn’t a slut, they have a home, they make good money, and they have matured enough to have kids! There daughter is the only one who has a stable family bringing her up.

    • Ooh bitchy. Isn’t it better for the child to go to a couple who can and afford to raise a child than students who couldn’t? Accidents happen, now they are in a better position to have a child, why not?

    • You just made absolutely no sense at all! How are they picking and choosing their kids? They got pregnant too soon with Carly they weren’t ready for a baby yet so they did something very special for a couple that wanted very hard to have a baby. And how is she a slut? As far as I’m concerned she has been with Tyler ever since, so maybe you’re talking about you’re self. I

    • How has nothing changed? They graduated High school and College. They have jobs and they are buying their own house. They no longer live with their parents and Catelyns mom has been sober for awhile now and she divorced Tyler’s dad. Their lives are much more stable now than they were at 16.

    • -how did they throw their child away ? they knew they couldn’t care for her, and gave her to an amazing family that could . she isn’t a slut . she was with one guy, and they are still together . your argument is idiotic and simple minded . and you can see the heartache when they go see carly . i know they would have loved to had her, but they were young and felt they couldn’t take care of her . THAT is the responsible thing to do .

    • First off they deserve the respect. With their first born they both knew they weren’t financially stable enough to raise a child. And the homes they lived in weren’t suitable to raise a child. They found a loving couple that could properly raise that baby. They also still see her. Now that they OWN their home and have their own vehicles they both are financially stable to raise baby. So you can keep your negative opinion to yourself. She is not a slut. Last time I checked their still together. It’s people like you that don’t deserve respect.

    • Wow…… ignorant are you????

      These two had so many things stacked against them when they were pregnant for Carly. Situations and circumstances change for everybody! No doubt they will be awesome parents!!!!!

    • Really how can you be so judge mental. You don’t know there life behind the camera. Why don’t you worry bout you instead of trashing othe ppl

    • And im sure ur past isnt all peachy clean..girl u have no right to say terrible things about anyone..who the hell do u think u are…and to call someone a slut that has been with the same person this whole time…..GOD DOESNT LIKE UGLY!!!!

    • wow, aren’t you rude. First learn how to space & spell. Second if you don’t like either of them maybe you shouldn’t be liking their page. Or any teen mom page for that matter. And they put Carly up for adoption because they were being responsible…they couldn’t afford raising a baby. They did the right thing. They aren’t “picking & choosing”. God has a plan for everyone. Nothing is a coincidence. All this is happening because God made it that way. So here’s some advice for you, if you don’t like what they are doing stay out of their business, Simple as that. Apparently your life sucks so much you have to put others down to make yourself feel good about your crappy life.

    • Are you serious OMG it looks like you don’t know what this two have been through they did not simple throw away their baby they have a reason why they couldn’t keep Carly they way they grow up wasn’t the best with two addicted parents and obviously they didn’t want that around Carly plus they were not ready to financially raise her if you would of take some time to watch the show all their journal or maybe read a little about them you would think different about them and their decisions is not like they just wanted to get ride of the is daughter to party or do drugs they went to school get better in life became advocate for adoption and they accomplish so much during this past years probably more that you have done in you whole life other than sitting on the computer and talking garbage about other and calling kathe a slut seriously get a Joby.

    • Wow, I wouldn’t be impressed by anything you said. Learn some proper grammar, honey. There defines a place… their is something that belonged to them. They did throw THEIR child away, they gave her up for adoption to a loving couple who was financially responsible and able to take care of THEIR daughter. Throwing it away would be throwing it in the trash, or having an abortion. I hope you aren’t a “slut” as you so pleasantly put it because your ignorance could be passed down to your unfortunate children if you have any… Just an fyi, she got pregnant as a teenager where they were living with the drug addicted parents. They both wanted to be able to graduate high school and be financially stable before attempting to raise a child, and they have been more than cautious as this child was planned. Do you think their first child as a worse off life because she was adopted? no that child was a wonderful gift for a family unable to have children. Ignorance like yours always amazes me.

    • Bitch your a POS for jus opening your mouth …They are more than you will ever be and for that smart a$$ remark karma is going to bite ya right in that a$$ of yours ….Sounds to me your a lil jealous of this couple …. Jus saying !!

  5. I’m so happy for the both of them! Being a parent is tough… Being a teen parent is tougher…. But the toughest is being a teen parent and putting the baby up for adoption…. Both of you set goals, stuck together and made it through! Congratulations!

  6. One more thing, if you’re going to leave a rude comment about two amazing people, make sure it makes sense. If you don’t you just look more ridiculous than you really are. So many people look up to these two (including myself). I ended up getting pregnant at 23 does that make me a slut? Maybe to Christine it does. My husband and I both have full time jobs, our own place and been to school. What can you say for yourself? You’re probably 15 and still in high school? lol

    anyway, congrats to this amazing couple! God bless you three ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Theses two people are the most mature from the day they was 16. I have a lot of rrespect for them giving there first child up was the hardest for them. I am so happy they get another chance to love an cherish another beautiful baby girl. They have grown up an now they can take care of this child. To add my mom gave me up an I was her first child she gave me to ssomeone whocould give me a better home. I look up to Tyler an catelynn

  8. I had say iT in the beginning, she will become a girl. I’m sorry for my bad english. I’m a blond dutch woman haha

  9. OHEMMGEE they are so cute together and there baby’s come out cute . I know that people bash them for keeping this baby , but it’s no ones business really why they are . so I mean it’s something they thought was right for Carly . they thought it would be better to have Carly with a stable home then back and forth . but now they are on there feet and keeping this or so who gives a fuck . I’m proud of them .

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