Photos! Jenelle and Nathan Go Horseback Riding!


Jenelle Evans and her “baby daddy” Nathan Griffith of ‘Teen Mom 2’ headed on a little road trip on August 16th to what seems to be Ohio. According to Jenelle’s social media accounts the couple went to visit Nathan’s family. 

They enjoyed some fun horseback riding while there and shared a bunch of the photos (taken by Nathan’s aunt.) No mention of whether or not Jenelle’s 6 week old baby or her 5 year old son Jace joined them on the trip.


UPDATE! As it turns out, Jenelle and Nathan weren’t just visiting family in Ohio, they were actually “temporarily” relocating Nathan’s husky. You know, the one that they got in trouble with animal services and PETA for? It looks like they have taken the wise advice of giving that dog a better home until they can provide what the dog really needs. Nathan stated on Twitter: “I miss Mugen but I know he’ll be good up there.

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