Farrah Abraham’s Thoughts on Not Being a Part of the New ‘Teen Mom’ Season:

As we all know ‘Teen Mom’ is coming back in 2015… without Farrah Abraham. Most fans are jumping for joy at this news but what does Ms. Abraham think? According to her life is good without MTV and the show wont be the same without her.

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Some of the moms on the show still need that. Fortunately for me, I have other ways of making money. I can’t keep doing the same things year after year.” Farrah tells Life & Style Magazine. “I don’t think it will be as great without me. I personally won’t be watching.

It was reported a while back that the other ‘Teen Moms’ are the reason she was kicked off the show. Amber Portwood came forward stating that she never asked for Farrah to not return. Farrah says that the other girls didn’t either, “No one ever said they wished I would not be back.

Do you think that ‘Teen Mom’ will be better without Farrah?


  1. The only reason you are where you are today is because of MTV. So don’t act like your too good!

    • Right….. it’s ok though, I used to fast forward her scenes anyway. All she did was yell at her parents and cry. I say bye farrah bye….

    • Um no! Myv doesnt show off teen moms that turn into whores! That make sex tapes models of her privet parts and had her own sex toys and now is a stripper.

  2. Im happy she wont be apart of this! Even if she was I would NOT watch! She is no mother in my eyes she does not spend one day with her damn daughter. All she is worried about is being pumped in her ass and get payed for a money shot now that james dean is done with her 60 year old looking body she needs more money thats why she went to be a stripper. Ut people have to be crazy to spend that kond of money to see a cunt swing around the pole.

  3. I’ve never disliked people the way I dislike her. She spoiled , annoying just not a good person at all. She feels entitled and believe me her looks won’t last forever. She must hate herself a lot to act the way she does….

  4. She has done stupid things in her but its her life she has to do watever to provide. For her duather she liked for a reason cuz if her mother never should her the way i personally she a great mom she didnt abanded sofia she does watever to provide for her nd get her wants she wants yes she giving bad example to Sofía but when she grows up farah would show her the right way

  5. What she does to make money to provide for her child and herself is her own damn business, all you haters and bullies mouthing off go lay down some where!! You wouldn’t do what you had to do to provide for your child?? WOW, you shouldn’t be a parent then!!!! She doesn’t need MTV anyways shes making way more on her own!! As for being a bad mom, well theres NO WAY for you to know that since we don’t see these girls!! If Tyler & catelynn weren’t such sniveling bratty mouthy babies we would see Sophia!!! I think Farrah & Sophia need their own personal show!! And Amber shouldn’t judge, her life is not perfect!! Kudos to you Amber for knowing you are no better than anyone else!! Farrah kept her child and did what was needed to do!! That makes her a wonderful mom right there!!

    • Just because u lay down n have a baby doesn’t make u a good mother!! One who actually takes care of it is a good mother!!

    • Wow how can you said that about the other girls when you didn’t even they do but of course good parents say idk if my child choices to be like mommy and do a sex tap and etc. You need to grow up like Farrah does

    • Bonnie :Wow how can you said that about the other girls when you didn’t even they do but of course good parents say idk if my child choices to be like mommy and do a sex tap and etc. You need to grow up like Farrah does

  6. Farrah has so much fat injected into her face you can’t tell what’s her and what isn’t. Not to mention other body parts. And a sex tape taking it in the rear with a part 2 coming out. Yes I’m sure her daughter will be real proud when her and her friends get old enough to go into these stores and see her moms twat & ass on the shelf. Or don’t have to be old enough just a horny teen online and bump into yes. Very happy at how her mother chose to support her. NOT

  7. So happy she won’t be on there and it definitely will be 1000 x better without her she’s so fake and not anywhere close to being a good mom

  8. She thinks she’s to good for anyone else. I love this show and watching the girls grow up and I’m so happy I dont have to watch her. Now I can enjoy the show. She turned into a bad rodel model for her daughter and its such a shame that she thinks its ok

  9. Yea other ways to make money, get a job, stop selling yourself and making sex tapes, i feel so sorry for her daughter, money isnt everything and just because u have a lot of money doesnt mean youre a good mom either. I personally cant stand her condescending attitude.

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