Nathan Griffith Bashes Babs and MTV!

Nate and Babs

On a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Nathan Griffith (baby daddy of Jenelle Evans) was caught being exceptionally rude and disrespectful to his future mother in law Barbara. It’s not really a surprise because we have seen him scream and yell at her before.

Once again in front of Jace it all goes down. Barbara tries to give Jenelle and Nathan reasonable financial advice and Nathan gets all mad and starts freaking out. First of all he started winking at her and saying “I have a mom thanks,” which really got to me. It’s tough to watch someone who wants to be treated like an adult act so childish and weird in front of actual children.


Anyway it seems that a lot of people shared my opinion on that one because Nathan quickly took to Twitter to defend himself. (The following tweets have since been deleted.) He said: “ANYONE that speaks to another human disrespectfully deserves [to be] reprimanded,” (Because it’s totally his job to “educate” her.) “Just because you have a vagina doesn’t give you the right to talk anyway you please! I walked away three times and every single time that WOMAN had something nasty to say when I wasn’t even supposed to be filming that day!” Nate continued. “After that scene I called one of the producers and told the I hate filming with her because she tries to pick a fight every time when the cameras are rolling.

It’s sad to see that things have not gotten much better between them like Jenelle keeps on insisting. This scene was only filmed a few months ago.

Do you think Babs was trying to start a fight with Nathan? Or was she trying to keep Jenelle from wasting all her MTV money again?


  1. Barbara is just trying to protect her daughter and grandsons and Nathan as well. He’s being ungrateful and controlling. He could sit down and have a conversation of the pro and cons of her opinion his opinion Jennells opinion and his mommas if he’d like. It takes a village to raise a kid. He needs to come off his white horse a minute and act like an educated adult and not a child.

    • Him and Jenelle are both adults and do not need their mothers opinions when it was Jenelle’s idea for the car seat in the first place Barbara is the controlling one not Nathan

  2. He is a douche bag — real smart jennelle have a kid with an asshole no job -is not in school and just got out of jail for his 3rd DUI .. Barb is right to worry his is using her for her $$$$

    • he is not a douche bag he is actually good to and for her Barbara is the bitch in the situation always shes mad she cant control her daughter

  3. It just seems like she seems to have all the answer. They want to raise this child without being told how every step. Honestly babs did start it. He was just excited and was expressing how cool the car seat was and then suddenly she was telling them to grow up. You would be frustrated also. Give them a break for a second. Also judging a person with ptsd for having out bursts, ( when pushed) is a shame on you! He is a vet! Try having a little compassion. You have no idea what he battles with on a daily basis!

  4. Barbara is always picking fights with Nathan because she mad that she can no longer control her daughters choices. Its truly pathetic how she needs to stick her nose into every damn thing her daughter does when its no longer her business! She is an adult and she can take care of herself she does not need mommy holding her hand every step of the way

  5. She is not picking fights with nathan-she is right, jenelle always picks the same losers over and over and over again. Why have we not seen any of Nathan’s modeling pictures??????

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