Farrah Abraham Is Now Stripping… for Some Big Bucks:

Former ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham is finding all sorts of ways to make the big bucks without MTV. She’s got books, sex toys, a horror film she’s working on and now stripping. She’s not just a normal stripper though. This job is for “research” for an upcoming role (which she has not disclosed just yet.) She’s also raking in a reported $500,000 for the gig.

Embed from Getty Images

Farrah explains her new job in a recent interview, in which she talks about breaking the rules and getting closer than she should with the clients. Check that out HERE. What do you think? Clearly Farrah is comfortable doing this line of work but it’s most likely what is keeping her from being a part of the ‘Teen Mom’ series now that it’s coming back.

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