Chelsea Houska Talks About Adam Lind’s New Girlfriend!

Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska opens up in a new ‘Teen Mom 2’ sneak peek about ex Adam Lind’s latest girlfriend. Adam already has 2 daughters, one from Chelsea and one from ex girlfriend Taylor Halbur. Chelsea says “How long til this girl’s pregnant?

Chels is also not very forgiving of Adam’s ex Taylor who according to Chelsea texts her every time they broke up. “I’m like… don’t text me trying to relate.” She says to her friend. Taylor now knows how it feels to have her child around one of Adam’s random girlfriends.

Watch the full sneak peek here.


  1. Chelsea your beautiful and a self survivor, you deserve a good man in your future, he’s out there, cant wait to see you in love again.

  2. Well its your fault for opening your legs and you always have some to say about Adam Lind but your a just as bad as he maybe if you weren’t being stupid and still having sex with him and shit you would be a bit smarter because he cheated on you and Taylor every time he calls you your going to open your legs get a real man not a boy

    • You never get over the father of your child no matter what the situation its also Taylor’s fault that she opened her legs as well Chelsea is not the bad guy here ADAM IS! He is the deadbeat not Chelsea stop trashing her when she is not the one who deserves it!

      • Yes, women can actually get over the father of your son…Hope Chelsea moves on! She is doing great academically, and is a wonderful mother…Just needs to emocinally erase Adam

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