It looks like there is a storm brewing for Leah Calvert and Corey Simms. According to an inside source Corey is preparing to go for full custody of the twins due to Leah asking him to pay more money.

This isn’t the first time that Leah has gotten more money out of Corey for the girls. In a previous season we saw Leah ask Corey for $600 a month in child support and then went for more at the last minute, bumping his payment up to $800 a month plus half of their clothes and half the cost of extra activities like gymnastics. Corey is also responsible for the girls medical insurance.


Now after it’s come to light that Leah has a bit of a spending problem it’s not a shock that her asking for more money from Corey wouldn’t go over well with him. “A few months ago, Leah asked Corey for more money, and it really pissed him off,” a source tells In Touch Magazine. “To get back at her, he asked for full custody of Ali and Aleeah — and used her recent prescription-medication use as grounds as well.

She couldn’t believe that Corey would stoop so low, especially since he knows that she’s a good mom,” the source says. They also explain that although Leah has admitted to taking pills to calm her nerves, “She’s sober now.

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What do you think of Corey going for full custody of the twins? Is he going too far? Or is Leah being unreasonable with her child support expectations?