Corey Simms to File for Full Custody of the Twins!


It looks like there is a storm brewing for Leah Calvert and Corey Simms. According to an inside source Corey is preparing to go for full custody of the twins due to Leah asking him to pay more money.

This isn’t the first time that Leah has gotten more money out of Corey for the girls. In a previous season we saw Leah ask Corey for $600 a month in child support and then went for more at the last minute, bumping his payment up to $800 a month plus half of their clothes and half the cost of extra activities like gymnastics. Corey is also responsible for the girls medical insurance.


Now after it’s come to light that Leah has a bit of a spending problem it’s not a shock that her asking for more money from Corey wouldn’t go over well with him. “A few months ago, Leah asked Corey for more money, and it really pissed him off,” a source tells In Touch Magazine. “To get back at her, he asked for full custody of Ali and Aleeah — and used her recent prescription-medication use as grounds as well.

She couldn’t believe that Corey would stoop so low, especially since he knows that she’s a good mom,” the source says. They also explain that although Leah has admitted to taking pills to calm her nerves, “She’s sober now.

Read more about Leah Calvert’s Alleged Painkiller Addiction HERE. 

What do you think of Corey going for full custody of the twins? Is he going too far? Or is Leah being unreasonable with her child support expectations?


  1. I agree he needs to pay things but they both are the parents so it should be even, I could never understand why mothers think the fathers should always pay more especially if the mother is the one that choose to break up the family. you can’t have your cake and eat it too……. its crazy she wants money, insurance and clothes/extra activity money What the He** My question is where is the money there making off the show going……. and who all makes money off the show…..

  2. All I know is that from watching the episodes Leah loves those girls and dragging them into a custody battle plus trying to throw up past issues of drug use just makes Corey looks bad. He should be lucky that that’s all he has to pay because my father paid that much just for one child. Plus pulling those girls away from what they are used to would only make it harder for the girls. He’s only thinking of himself and not what is best for his children.

    • Actually throwing up drug issues is not making him look bad. If it made him look bad then it should have made me look bad when i went to court and won custody of my child based on drug issues. I paid $600 a month in support back when i was only making 12 an hour and i also had my son living with me. Tell me how someone can survive on that, so basically i was getting $600 to live on a month. Drugs is a serious issue and it needs not be over looked. i think 50/50 custody with no support would be the right thing,

  3. I think she has a lot of nerves honestly. I feel Corey is a great dad and he already pays enough child support which has been increased already plus he pays all medical exspenses and half on clothes what else does she need. She is very materialistic and has a spending problem even her current husband feels that way. If she stop living beyond her means she will be more financially stable don’t make Corey pay for her problem.

    • How is $800 down to $200 monthly an increase? He has kids 1 day a week and DOESNT pay half medical bills. Yet he has 2 new vehicles !!!!!!!! DEADBEAT DAD

      • It didn’t go down $200. It went up $200. They agreed on $600. And she changed it at the last minute for $800

        • If you people remember on the show her and corey agreed on 600 but the judge decided on 800 bu t they just said last week she was letting him only pay 200 a month because of all the medical bills ect.if you dont listen to the story and know the actual details dont make comments on things you dont knnow about they are both great parents but need to get their priorities straight to make it the best for the girls and everyone else involved in the situation JUST SAYIN

        • And he kept paying late, wasn’t putting money toward medical expenses. He even admitted he decides what he should pay for. So he short changes his responsibilities to pay the monthly on that $43k truck that has about $8k more with lift and wheels / tires. Dudes a deadbeat!

        • Incorrect look it up as the court papers state $800. She can’t demand him to pay more after the courts ruling.

      • You are a hater! Obviously you don’t know the definition of a dead beat dad, because Corey is not one! Leah is a shopaholic who isn’t happy unless she is involved in drama!

        • So since she spends her and husbands money that means Corey shouldn’t pay child support but instead spend money that would go towards his kids on let’s say a $43-50k truck????? So he doesn’t call and call and call to get wheelchair approved which actually works????? He didn’t even fight to have girls more then 1 day a week???? Never has taken kid to a therapy appointment ???? That’s just the stuff you guys know about so yes MAX, the above is just a sliver of my definition of deadbeat dad. Sorry you feel being a half assed dad is good enough but I don’t which is my opinion of course as you have yours. That’s what makes this country great!

      • Lol 1 day a week. He has the Fri-Mon. Leah has had new vehicles, and has also moved how many times? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and if Corey was a DEADBEAT DAD…..he would be trying to dodge any and ALL responsibility for those kid’s.

        • Again WRONG!!!!! So since her husband makes more then Corey that means he doesn’t have to live up to his responsibilities????? Doesn’t matter what she does , what she pays he has a court order to pay so much and he doesn’t. He is behind on payments and in my state he is labeled DEADBEAT!!!!! Period end!!!!!

  4. yes he has to Pay for his Kids. But sorry that is just to Much him paying the 800 should be enough to get THEM meaning the Twins what they need. She has a “Man” that should support her. Just cause they spend to much come one they got new cars, spent 100 on a damn coffee maker. Really stop spending so much and u can make it with the 800.

    • Did you watch the show????? He is supposed to pay $800 per court but only pays $200 and is late half the time. He is not paying half the medical bills either. He knows he is screwed because he tried the whole I provide when my kids need something and courts can’t tell me what to spend it on And how much. He has them 1 day a week and she has them 6 days. He doesn’t do shit and only pays $100 per kid?????? DEADBEAT DAD!!!!!

      • Im reading all these comments n clearly no one watched the show!!! She was letting him pay 200 instead of 800 but corey was supposed to take care of 100% of medical bills instead of half n half! And he wasnt doing that so damn straight id take my kids father to court if i was in that situation! He wouldnt even stay on top of his insurance for alis wheelchair which i thought was so ridiculous! I agree with all of what u said ….everyone else must have not watched n jiat judged!!!

        • Exactly what is going on. I would call him a half assed father though. My son hasn’t seen his father in 5 years, I hadn’t recieved a dime from him. That is a dead beat to me. At least he is doing something… my sons father has 2 kids that mean nothing to him, he gets a job and once it comes time for child support to start coming out he quits. Drugs are what is important to my him, he know he isn’t able to see my son if he is on any at the time, so he just decides its better not to know his son

        • I have read arrivals that has said they don’t really get paid much from MTV due to studio costs and taxes.

      • Are you her friend because you keep posting the same shit. If you ask me there is always three sides to every storie hers, his, and the truth. Can’t believe everything you see on reality tv.

  5. Everyone is judging by what’s on TV! Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. Corey has always been a wonderful father to those girls and does so much for them remember he is the one paying everything yes Leah is always there for them but she barely started working and asking for more money off Corey is ridiculous he has all his personal things to pay he’s not living for free and Leah has had so much help along the way I don’t think he should be paying more child support. I don’t even care about child support period I would never put myself or my son or his father through that if we split up he does his part I do mine if he doesn’t oh well my son will know who did what for him I don’t need anyone’s money! Thats MY CHILD that’s what a mother and father do they provide everything for there child. Corey did everything for those girls even before he was put on child support Leah needs to get her head right he’s a great man . don’t be selfish with money . think about the girls

  6. I love leah she is a great mom to her twins but she is goin i little over bord on child support. Cory is a great dad to the twins he shouldnt be payin that much for child support. And i agree ppl u guyz dont kn wat happens behind close doors so before u talk or say thing maybe u should not judge ppl by the books and relize that are good parents yes they have problems but they love their kids and they work through it together i love leah im big fan of hers

  7. Shit him paying 800 is not enough for twins trust me my dad paid 1600 a month for me if not more and that’s only for one child so people need to get over there shit and Corey needs to realize she gave him a break by making him pay only 200 a month man get over it Corey I am 24 now and I have a child of my own n sry kids r not cheep

  8. All of you complaining about it not being enough. You have to look at it by state. They live in West Virginia, one of the cheapest states to live in. Their living expenses are much cheaper than someone who would live in Cali.

  9. Get the fuck out of here Corey doesn’t need to be paying so damn much in child support and maybe leah needs to tie her tubes cause we all know she needs to stop having kids she can’t take care of that bitch married wtf her husband doing Corey get them kids away from her cause leah is going to send your ass to the broke house that man takes care of his kids leave him the fuck alone

  10. IMO, just like millions of other non-custodial fathers who pay child support to their ex partner, spouse, etc., Corey has an attitude of wanting to be in total control of how his support money is spent, and of how his insurance handled the wheelchair claim. It does not matter in most states, nor is it fair, for the step-parent’s income to be used to decide the amount of child support that the non-custodial parent must pay. Most often, it is the custodial parent who is with the child at least 90 percent of the time and who knows what the child needs on a day-to-day basis. The non-custodial parent has to help pay for those needs, but he/she does not get to decide what those needs are. He did not want Ali to have that, or any, wheelchair, because he is too dumb and ignorant that he refuses to listen to her doctors that the wheelchair will save her muscle strength and allow her to have energy when that energy is needed, during play, school, etc. Tiring her muscles out by forcing her to walk to the playground or by walking in the hallways of her school is totally cruel, unnecessary, and borders on child neglect. He is neglecting her need for her wheelchair, or has been up to the present day, because apparently Ali finally got her pink wheelchair, geared for her specifically. Yea, Ali!

    Leah Messer’s Official Fan Page 🙂
    I am writing to update my fans on last night’s episode, 9/10/14. I am admitting that I shouldn’t have been using bad language in front of my children. It was in the heat of the moment and It was a scene where you only saw certain parts of the filming! As for the child support issue, He was ordered, by the State of WV, the $1200 a month in child support. I wanted to work with him and was willing to accept $800 a month. Approximately 6 months after that he wasn’t paying his half of the medical bills, to which all of them were in my name and I was getting collection letters. I agreed to lower his payments to $200 a month so we could pay off the medical bills. This agreement lasted for a year and they never were paid. This is when we went back to court, to get the bills paid and out of collections! Also, to restore my credit. Keep watching the show for more details about the wheelchair. The truth will reveal itself in time!! Remember what you see on TV is only 1/3 of what is actually going on!! Thank you for your support, I love each and everyone of you!

  12. Like so many other non-custodial parents, Corey comes across as having the attitude that as long as he provides what his girls need when they are with him, then their mother should provide for them when they are with her. However, gov’t enforced child support does not work that way, and he is refusing to listen to reason, even when Leah gave him such a big break on the previously ordered amount. If Corey really thinks that the judge will give him a financial break based on the time that his girls are with him, then I would love to be “a fly on the wall” during that proceeding. It’s highly doubtful that the judge will give him full custody, but I also am concerned with whatever meds the doctors are giving to Leah, because she is very visibly “high as a kite”.

  13. Once Leah married Jeremy, he not only took on a wife, but also 2 children. If that’s not the case, then Jeremy wouldn’t be putting so much of his “2 cents” in their custody battle and Leah would go get a job to cover the exact amount she expects Corey to pay. With that being said, Corey is the father and financially supports his kids. He gets the kids every weekend and provides them with everything they need AT HIS HOME. Last season He talked about how he hates not having a lot of time with his girls, how he misses them while they are gone. He can’t help how much time the court gave Leah…so he should have to pay more money? I’m SO glad he is going for full custody. I hope he at least gets SPLIT custody so he doesn’t have to pay Leah one more dime…no, one more penny. Corey is a wonderful dad and it’s so sad how Leah is trying to make him look bad. She’s the one who cheated and destroyed their family. Then got pregnant for another man, miscarried, went back to corey then went back to the other guy and got pregnant again. She’s one of those woman you know need some kind of meds…because she sure ain’t right in the head. But after seeing her all doped up on the show…now I’m thinking they need to tie her tubes and give those girls to Corey where they will have love, stability and COMMON SENSE. Also, anyone that knows about insurance companies can tell you, you’re never gonna talk to the people working directly on your case. They pay people to answer the phones & frankly, you could call fifty million times and the random people answering the phones won’t mind a bit…but it won’t make your case an faster. Leah has literally no valid reason for her bs drama with Corey other than the fact that she wants to make Corey completely miserable by taking every dime she can from him. What kind of mother says she don’t care if corey looses his house, car…everything. How would those precious girls feel if their daddy lost everything? I don’t know who’s more ridiculous, Leah or her followers. I honestly feel so bad for Corey and his girls.

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