Exclusive! Leah Calvert’s Secret Painkiller Addiction!


It seems that ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert can be added to the list of young MTV moms who have developed an addiction due to the stress of their lives in the spotlight. According to an insider that is speaking exclusively with AlltheTeenMoms.Net Leah has been hiding her prescription drug addiction for a long time. 

After the birth of her third daughter, Addy, Leah started taking painkillers like percocet to deal with her stress, the source says. “Where she lives they are everywhere. Her county in WV has a major prescription drug problem.


In a recent episode of the show Leah was taking what she said was medication for stress and to help her concentrate. She was seen falling asleep at work and while on the phone. She was also slurring and not making sense. This was blamed on her new medication prescribed by the doctor but this is allegedly how she is while taking the pain meds and Leah is just playing innocent.

Corey Simms seems to feel that Leah has enough of a problem to use it against her in court. He is now trying to get full custody of their daughters Ali and Aleeah.


  1. I called it from the second i saw how she was acting in that episode, i have seen it 1 too many times! What she needs to do is get help, she has 3 innocent babies in her care, especially considering 1 has special needs. What she doesnt need to do is make excuses and lie about what shes doing! Everyone makes mistakes and needs help now and then, own up and fix yourself hunni, stop with the excuses trying to justify the addiction… suck it up buttercup, your an adult and its called LIFE! Get used to it bc you will always have stress as a parent until the day you die… thats what parents do! When you decided to parent those babies, you agreed to take on extra stress regardless as to how much stress it brings…

    • Leah better get help before Jeremy leaves her and Corey gets full custody. She can say that’s her anti-anxiety meds. But it could be more. WV has a huge problem with opiates(hillbilly heroin). She needs help because no one but her knows how low she will go thru. She has a lot of normal issues kids,work,housekeeper,2 marriages,twins (and a medical issue) plus baby with Jeremy. Haven’t seen to much of her momma dawn.

      • First of all I’m from West Virginia and not everyone has a drug problem. Yes we r country folks but some of us have a life and don’t do drugs so get the facts straight.. If u not from West Virginia u need to sit the fuck back

  2. I wish people would stop saying she’s on painkillers.. When she was nodding n getting her sentences all fcked up, she was high on Xanax or klonopins.. They’re anti anxiety (nerve medication) .. I had a bad addiction to them so trust me I know. Same stuff that got amber all messed up from season 1… Now what she does outside te show, idk, but I do know she is messed up on benzodiazipines.

    • Sorry hun but a doctor will NOT start you on Klonipin or Xanax. Xanax is a last resort medication. Kudps to ypu for becoming sober but there is more to this than basic anxiety meds.

        • i was giving theses meds off the bat but i wasnt like that she must have doubled up or something

      • Sorry hun but I’m on xanaxs and they started me on them I have 4 kids of my own and 2 step and only 3 years older than her so yes they can and when I first started them I feel asleep so the lowered my dose just like she stated get your facts straight

      • Not true. My husband was having anxiety issues and he went to his family doctor. The doctor prescribed Xanax to him.

      • They will however start you on clonazapan or lorazepam. Then once that isn’t strong enough they up you to Xanax. The lower drugs cause the same symptoms as Leah was having.

    • Pain killers do the EXACT same thing. I was addicted to them at one time. How do you know what she’s taking? Do you watch her do it? It’s not people that’s accusing it’s her ex husband.

      • I agree with ur statement due to the fact on one episode her friend admitted she was TAKING PAIN KILLERS and her mom was covering for her…they even stated that Dawn would keep the kids for her when she wasnt able…she stated that it had been a problem with Leah for a while….I take Xanax and have for many years…I agree they do react on ppl differently but as others have stated Leah has been showing a lot of signs way before the Xanax episode…I could careless about what she does but I do have concern for her children and any and all children that have a parent or parents that have a drug problem!

  3. wow if these accusations are true this can cause a huge strain on a persons finances and leah and jeremy have been arguing over money lately

  4. Yep pain killers make u nod out too,so nobody can say what shes doing,ahe just knows anti anxiety meds would make the most sense to say,her bein so stressed n all..

  5. Yes Xanax and klonipon can do that to a person there in the same class educate yourself and Leah isn’t a bad mom Corey just wants to be lazy like my kids father and get out child support Corey get over yourself Leah deserves her kids

  6. Idk why a “drug dealer” would just come out in public like that to speak out putting themselves at risk for jail time. And if it’s not true can be sued. Now for the allegations, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. Starting from the very beginning her behavior different mood changes cheating. Then add hard as she takes her daughters deformity. I remember her crying telling her mom what did I do was it bc I was to skinny? She also seems to have casted alot about her appearance I really couldn’t imagine having the time to get ready with two babies is hard with just one. Then some episodes you could see her matted hair extensions like she just hadn’t showered in awhile. I also think Corey had known there is always something just between them you could tell he really just wanted to say but I think she still leads him on for these reasons. Just seems to me like she gets way to worried over things. Yes big problems I couldn’t imagine but in general how she says things. Like for court custody why was she so worried about that? Anytime my child’s father brings that up bring it bc I know I’m a damn good mother and they would never prove me unfit. So clearly she wad worried about something. All underlying issues. She did seem to fairly lose all get baby weight quickly as well I know for girls worried about their weight they often turn to substance abuse to not eat. You look at her family and their sizes and figures compared to hers and clearly she’s doing something your doc will tell you that you will put on weight just like your parents whomever you have more definite gene. But pain meds like norco vicodin do not make you drowsy where you can’t stay awake. Usually ppl take them for an upper. However methadone heroin could do that. I’m studying substance abuse so these are all just signs to look for. I think jeremy didn’t realize exactly what he was getting into with her and two children that is alot to take on for someone with no children. They married so fast and she got pregnant so quickly he probably felt trapped. And he I’m sure found or about her behavior and addictions and just stayed taking work further away from there. And it all escalates…. I know plenty of young mom’s that are great mothers. But she has given off this I want to just be a stay at home housewife baby maker. You need to learn to be happy without a man for your girls.

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