It seems that ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert can be added to the list of young MTV moms who have developed an addiction due to the stress of their lives in the spotlight. According to an insider that is speaking exclusively with AlltheTeenMoms.Net Leah has been hiding her prescription drug addiction for a long time. 

After the birth of her third daughter, Addy, Leah started taking painkillers like percocet to deal with her stress, the source says. “Where she lives they are everywhere. Her county in WV has a major prescription drug problem.


In a recent episode of the show Leah was taking what she said was medication for stress and to help her concentrate. She was seen falling asleep at work and while on the phone. She was also slurring and not making sense. This was blamed on her new medication prescribed by the doctor but this is allegedly how she is while taking the pain meds and Leah is just playing innocent.

Corey Simms seems to feel that Leah has enough of a problem to use it against her in court. He is now trying to get full custody of their daughters Ali and Aleeah.