Corey Blames Leah for Bad Co-Parenting:

Corey and Miranda

In next week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Calvert decides to confront Corey about not harassing his insurance enough to get their daughter’s wheelchair. She declares this to husband Jeremy in the car while chowing down on some sour patch candies.

When they arrive to swap the twins Leah accuses Corey of not trying hard enough with his insurance company. He tells her that he has called about the delay and that they keep on telling him that the chair hasn’t been approved yet. Leah insists that if he just continues to call them every single day that the process will go faster.

Leah Bad Co Parenting

Corey then points out that Leah has caused Ali to miss some of her physical therapy appointments. This really gets things heated and Leah starts yelling at him and Corey just kind of stands there.

Jeremy asks “I want to know why all of a sudden co-parenting’s went to f—king shit?” to which Corey states: “Because of you guys! Every time we talk we argue… now we’re going to court because there’s arguing.

Watch the full sneak peek video here.

Fast forward a couple of months and Ali girl has officially received her wheelchair. Patience is a virtue!

Ali Pink Wheelcahir

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