Leah Calvert Goes on Another Defensive Twitter Rant!


Leah Calvert has made headlines a lot over the past week, from an alleged pill addiction to the possibility of a custody battle over her twins to her money spending habits. She’s finally decided to speak out about all the recent drama via the following Twitter rant:


As I’m reading through my twitter feed I can’t help but wonder what goes through some of you alls who mind… First off,  the horse was given to the girls and for Ali to use for therapeutic riding from her grandparents.  

Second the money I spend  or ‘spent’ so to say wasn’t only on make up. You guys do seem to forget that this is reality TV and many things are edited to fit timing Etc. So you guys really should take a step back to THINK before being so judgmental.

I love to hear you opinions even the ones that is so hurtful because I take it to heart and try to let it make me a stronger person by looking at opinions as a lesson and be more understanding  of what each and everyone of you guys are trying to say to me. I try to share my story in the most inspirational way possible. All I’ve ever tried to do is stay loyal and honest to each of my viewers so you can relate to certain circumstances and either learn or give me the advice I love accepting and remaining strong through all the ups and downs that I have. I appreciate everyone, and will always remain the person I was 5 or 6 years ago.

Remember I don’t do this for myself I do this for others. I love my daughters with all of my heart… And all I will ever want for them is an amazing life and for them to be able to look up to their mommy as a role model. I hope in time .. Each and everyone of you guys out their a over the world can see I care about every human being and all I want is to make a difference … And bring peace to everyone out their. I’ll be the first to admit I put everything before myself and I always will because I am so soft … Hearted and only want the best for my family and the world itsef. I love each and everyone of you guys and I hope my journey on TM2 has .. Made a difference in many others lives !! We love you guys!


  1. I completely agree with all that you said. People shouldn’t judge and step back however you also post that you want to be a good role model for your girls. I’m confused by this…….As you got pregnant at a young age (hints the show) but yet you don’t work a real job to help support them and or finishing school. I thought back 5-6 years ago you planned to finish school and get a good job. Instead it seems like even knowing your daughters special needs and the hefty amount of money needed you shack up with another guy and have child and he and your ex support you and the girls.

    • That was really good pretty much sums up how I feel she always hop from guy to guy & that’s not a example to me…..

      • How did she hop from guy to guy! She looks like she dating two and she is still married to one that she dating.. .. go Leah you are doing amazing job that I can see on tv..

    • She has a child with special needs and plently of Dr appts. Jeremy works and makes good money, why is it wrong to be a stay at home mom? Second, have you really watched the show? I’ve seen her go to work. Either way being a good role model also means being a great mother for your kids to look up to. She’s a great mom and are there for her girls.

      • She works sparaticly. Nothing long term. She just said she took some time off due to stress which is ridiculous because all mothers get stressed out. Also, there is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom. But if your constantly complaining about money. Then maybe u should do something about it.

  2. Leah i think u are a great mom. I also think u try to hard. As for corey i think his girl has a lot to say about his doings cause he was for helping u out till she came along. Keep your head held high you are doing great. For get bout your hatters. U need to do u for all 3 of your girls.

  3. Leah, Hang in there things will only get better for you. It is your business what you do and no-one else. Just let it go in one ear and out the other and don’t let what some people say. It’s kinda like walk a mile in my shoes and then you will understand. You are still my favorite and I know you are a good Mom. When is your Birthday??? You have some of the same traits I do about helping other people 1st before helping yourself..

  4. Love you Leah, always have.. The love u have for your girls r so Precious.. Keep your chin up.. The Best is yet to Come…

  5. Leah I love you, you are a great mom don’t listen to all these haters, there gonna judge you they don’t care if it hurts your feeling or not but I love watching teen mom, just keep your head up girl. Everything will be okey.

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