Sneak Peek: Jenelle Tells Nathan She’s Not Fighting for Custody of Jace


Over the past 4 years we have heard Jenelle claim time and time again that she is close to getting custody of her son Jace. Each time there has been some reason for why it doesn’t work out. One minute it’s because the lawyer fee is too much, the next minute it’s because of some crazy drama going on in her life but now it’s for a new and much more reasonable reason. Jace doesn’t really want to live with Jenelle and Nathan.

In a sneak peek clip of tonight’s new episode, Jenelle and Nathan argue about whether or not to fight for custody of Jace. As much as I HATE to admit this… I’m on Jenelle’s side with this one. She’s decided to focus on getting settled with her new baby and finding a new place to live before stirring up drama with her mother about custody. Babs is throwing Jenelle a baby shower so it’s not really a good time to be getting in her face about custody. Plus she actually seems to care about what Jace wants.

Nathan Griffith

Nathan however starts yelling about how Jace needs to live with them and not with Babs and blah blah blah. So Jenelle says something amazing to him. “How about you worry about your daughter and I’ll worry about my son?


For those that don’t know, Nathan’s daughter Emery also is not in the custody of either of her parents. Emery lives with her grandmother… and we don’t exactly see Nathan fighting to get custody of her or anything. After Jenelle dropped that bomb on him he took a moment to look dumbfounded and then just laughed and said “come on, get outta here!

This is going to be a good episode tonight I can just feel it. Follow  me out on Twitter and we can chat during the show!

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