Bonus Scene: Babs Talks About Nathan Shaving His Legs… Jace Says Nathan is Mean


At the end of last night’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans bails on her mother and her son Jace while setting up her second baby shower. She speeds off while screaming “leave me alone!” and crying over Nathan who was being “so mean” to her. Well the show must go on so Babs fought through the tears and continued setting up and decorating for Jenelle’s shower.

She says to Jace while setting up furniture outside that Nathan is too busy “shaving his legs in the tub like a girl,” and chuckles to herself about it. Somehow I don’t think she’s kidding about that!

Babs and Jace

Later inside the house Barbara climbs up a ladder (which she really could have used help with!) to hang decorations and asks Jace what he thinks of Nathan and if he likes him. Jace quickly replied: “Nope. He’s mean.” Β This statement completely contradicts a tweet that Jenelle posted last night:

Last but not least Barbara also says something else that is rather telling about Jenelle’s new baby daddy. She says “I think Nathan will probably come to pretend he’s this good guy. I told him before if you hurt my daughter I will be after you. You can count on that.

Watch the Full Bonus Scene Here.

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