Sneak Peek! Corey & Miranda Talk About Custody of the Twins!


In a new sneak peek of next week’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Corey and Miranda talk about what is best for the girls after their argument with Leah and Jeremy. 

“My priority is what’s best for the girls. They need structure.” Corey says. His wife Miranda adds, “That’s what I think is important to understand, we aren’t trying to take away, we’re not attacking anybody, we just want what’s best for the girls.”

Corey Simms

Corey goes on to explain that he would love to be able to express his opinion about how he feels his children should be raised without Leah getting defensive and arguing with him. He says the only reason they all co-parented so well in the past was because he would give in a lot and basically let Leah have her way.

Watch the Full Sneak Peek Video Here. 


  1. Miranda needs to keep her nose out of Leah and Corey’s business about the kids. They are not her children

    • I agree!!! Leah has always had to fight corey, even to get the ins to do something about the wheelchair!!! She has always been the one taking care of them!!! Miranda needs to butt out!!!

  2. 3 other commenters…hi leah!!!!! I guess juuuuurrrrmy can put his two cents and talk sh*t about Corey, in front of the girls none the less!!!

  3. Corey is just crazy… His wife must get in her bussiness, if she wants to have a family, make one. But don’t destroy or even talk about LEAH being a mother because she a great mother who only wants the best for her twins !

  4. I love to let the girlses run round in they underwear. Me and jermy only spend my child support on groceries. Like sour patch kids and we buy the dye for the baby’s head.

  5. I think Cory is being childish especially since Leah hasn’t even been getting the court mandated child support amount. I ask a mother and my subs father even said the rightful place of a child is primarily with their mother. I personally think Leah is an awesome mommy especially since she has to go through so much with a child that had a disability at such a young age. Child support is to SUPPORT the kids. Co parenting is very important and I have really admired their ability to chi parent until now. It really is upsetting to see adults fight over money and custody and not care about what the kids need. Put selfishness aside and think real hard about what’s happening. Having a mediator would be great. Jeremy is entitled to his opinion just as Miranda is they are apart of this now they are married to the other parties that’s their babies too. Step or not that’s the beauty of a blended families. But but parents need to be active roles in each others lives. I hope they work this out for the best of the girls. And learn to compromise where both get done day in their kiddos.

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