Adam Lind’s Ex Talks About Recent ‘Teen Mom 2’ Drama

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In a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ we were introduced to Adam Lind’s new girlfriend. Due to Adam’s fertility we now get to hear two baby mamas complain about her! Not only did Chelsea have some choice words but Adam’s ex Taylor did as well. 


Now Taylor gets why Chelsea was always freaking out about having her daughter around some random girl. This is why. Taylor was caught on camera chit chatting about how it feels to be in that situation. Taylor did not watch the episode that she was featured in but heard that the footage was shown so she took to Twitter to clarify her feelings.


It’s great to hear that things are going well and to be honest nothing she said in the episode was all that bad. In fact it was totally understandable. Hopefully this new gal decides not to make a baby with Adam and this vicious circle can end!


  1. Let’s hope they don’t have a baby togather unless there going to be togather forever but it seems like you don’t know with them I mean I rember the last one I watched was he was saying they are takeing a breK not breaking up well so can not keep his word

  2. I think he just gets a girl and after he knocks her up and she has the kid he leaves. He is a clone of my daughters dead beat. And there is no way in hell i would let Adam near my child with is drinking issue. He is never gonna make anything of himself.

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