Jenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ recently shared an article on Facebook about former ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham with the caption “Go home, yr drunk.” She then continued to slam Farrah in the comments section stating: 

She puts herself out there, doesn’t make sense when she speaks, and a compulsive liar and apparently everyone can see it. She doesn’t fool anyone… So yeah everyone, including myself, calls her out on it. If she doesn’t want any feedback then take yrself off of tv and out of the media. I’ve learned to cope with it so she needs to as well and stop being such a fake person.


Can I just point out that Jenelle “puts herself out there” constantly on Twitter, has lied countless times to her fans and has said some mean things about her co-stars in the past? Jenelle also has more in common with Farrah than she would like to admit. Posing for naked and pornographic photos, getting breast implants, making questionable choices… It’s weird that someone who wants to be forgiven for her past is so quick to judge someone not unlike herself.

What do you think about Jenelle’s comments?