Jenelle Evans Attacks Farrah Abraham on Social Media:


Jenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ recently shared an article on Facebook about former ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham with the caption “Go home, yr drunk.” She then continued to slam Farrah in the comments section stating: 

She puts herself out there, doesn’t make sense when she speaks, and a compulsive liar and apparently everyone can see it. She doesn’t fool anyone… So yeah everyone, including myself, calls her out on it. If she doesn’t want any feedback then take yrself off of tv and out of the media. I’ve learned to cope with it so she needs to as well and stop being such a fake person.


Can I just point out that Jenelle “puts herself out there” constantly on Twitter, has lied countless times to her fans and has said some mean things about her co-stars in the past? Jenelle also has more in common with Farrah than she would like to admit. Posing for naked and pornographic photos, getting breast implants, making questionable choices… It’s weird that someone who wants to be forgiven for her past is so quick to judge someone not unlike herself.

What do you think about Jenelle’s comments?


  1. Why not let Janelle share the way she feels rather than go on to point out her ways…,she knows what she’s done and still does.she simply putting her opinion out there like everyone else does.

    • I honestlyccan’t stand when someone judges. Janelle had no right and she never will. Only God can judge. And last time I checked no one is perfect. Do remember Janelle. You messed up and was only living for you instead of your son. Farrah could have her reasons just like you did. So stop hating and worry about yourself. You are both beautiful people and have very cute kids. I’m a teen mom myself and never did or went though anything like you two but that doesn’t give me the right to judge either of you.

  2. I think jenelle has every right to slam Farrah I mean she doesn’t do her self much favours of being fake and everyone is going to b entitled to there opinion. In my opinion jenelle has done bad in the past but look at her now she doing great she has a stable home a 2nd child and what had Farrah done turned to sex to get money cos the teen mom show don’t want her anymore so yeah I strongly agree with jenelle.

    • I actually agree with u. At least jenelle has changed herself. Got a 2nd kid and doing the best she can. I dont like her past but I put my hands up to her for changing for her self and family.
      For farrah I dont agree with her ways. I understand its hard to be a single mother from day dot. I was for 13 months nd my son is 14 months now.
      Going to sex is your choice yes but so wrong her daughter is going to grow up thinking its alright. Maybe she needs to rethink what she doing not to herself but to her daughter and family.
      People like her is the reason young teen mums get names.

  3. I am pretty sure everything Farrah has done doesn’t equal giving up your child, choosing a man over your child, publicly choosing to have an abortion and putting needles in your arm to get high.

    • She didn’t choose a man over her child.. She recently fought with Nathan because she thinks it is a bad idea she go for full custody of jace because he has been with babs this whole time therefore she has brains she
      Is thinking her past is her past no one can judge her journey we didn’t live her life nor do we…. So we don’t no why she turned to drugs give her a break everyone is quick to say that about her yet she hasn’t slapped a needle in her arm for yonks just saying

  4. At least jenelle has admitted her wrongs abd has tried fixing them. Farrah doesn’t see anything wrong with what she’s done. And did everyone forget how quickly farrah ledt her daughter behind to go to as she put it have a.”normal life”. Her daughter has to grow up probably see the porn her mom made. See that episode on tv about when she didn’t know if she was pregnant by a porn star. Look at all the collagen and botox shes had. Janelle yes has screwed up but has turned her life around and settled down. All farrah did was continue to try being famous amd has failed. All her choice people dont respect.

    • Haha, she did not even go to college. She js off working a stripper for “research” for “movie” roles. Everyone defends her saying she does what she does cause she needs money but she has money from teen mom her book her porn her erotic novels. Your telling me she is so hard up for cash she can’t go home and br a mom? But whatever she do whatever she wants, I just feel bad for that baby. Someday kids are going look at her and be like here come the whores kid. I know how cruel kids can be. Poor Soph.

  5. well in my personal opnion they’re both shitty and make shitty decisions ! But at least jen can cop to it ! and isn’t a total slut , unlike farrah . I feel bad for sophia her mom is just useless …

  6. There both seriously stupid little hoebag b!tches. As will their children be! #sorrynotsorry a bad girl can’t raise a good kid.

  7. First off Farrah slammed on Jenelle fisrt for having another baby. But overall Jenelle might had done some bad things in here past. But Jace was well taken care of by Barbara. And Jenelle did the right thing to sign him over to her until she was ready to grow up and be a mom yes it took a while but she did it. And as for Farrah yeah she went into porn who honestly cares? Like seriously yes there life isn’t private but still you can’t judge everyone because of the dumb stuff they do. Nobody is perfect.

    • Both r them r horrible mom I agree but atleast janelle turned her life around nd farrah she jus care bout herself gettin bbotx nd being a porn mom.

  8. Yeah jenelle has screwed up in the past (rude of you to put that out there. The past is the PAST) but at least she is trying to better herself. She has came a long way and farrah just keeps getting worse! All she cares about is her image, not the beautiful miracle she brought into this world! Farrah just wants attention and is making sophias life miserable to do it. So yeah im on jenelles side for growing up and also because it is her OPINION and she CAN DO SO.

  9. Ok first jennelle definitely doesn’t have a right to talk about someone else farrah may have done porn but atleast she has her daughter jennelle can’t take care of one kid but she’s having another with a guy she can’t get along with like usual because all she does is cry and yell as for farrah not the best example for Sofia but atleast she takes care of her daughter

  10. Jenelle is 100% right! So what jenelle got a boob job had another baby and has been in and out of trouble but!!!!!!!!

    She isn’t selling her body for the public.

    Farrah needs to set an example for that little girl. Just think about it…..
    Oh yeah Sophia mommy had you at 16years old I soon after became famous by sharing the fact of her teen pregnancy… Then after the show ended I became a legal adult I decided to sell my body… Yeah what a great role model for her daughter 👍!! Baha whatever!

  11. Its funny to read an article about jow Jenelle shouldn’r judge Farrah coming from someone who is judging Jenelle. Perhaps pratice what you preach.

  12. Who cares about either of their past. We all make mistakes. ……… I don’t agree with making a mistake as a parent, cause there is no excuse for that. But what’s done is done. N you gotta grow from it
    what gets me, is how farrah is just a bitch. She’s a bitch to her mom, dad, friends send people in general. How anyone could be around her for longer then 5 minutes without punching her is beyond me.

  13. Farrah needs to concentrate on her daughter and not on plastic surgery and men etc. At least jenelle has gotten her life together and sorted herself out. She is doing very well with everything she has been through. Farrah on the other hand is still a spoiled brat who since day one just wants her own way. She hasn’t grown up yet she still thinks she is that 16 year old before she had her baby she needs a dose of reality

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