In a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Kailyn and Jo have a disagreement about a vacation on which she wanted to bring their son Isaac. Kailyn sells Scentsy and that company has incentive trips for their consultants that sell a lot of product. They didn’t mention that on the episode so there was some confusion about that. Kailyn didn’t plan the dates of the trip and it unfortunately fell on Father’s day. 

Kailyn asked Jo about taking Isaac on the trip and he said no. He specifically fought to have that day with Isaac and had a family BBQ planned. The trip would also cut into Jo’s 6 week Summer visitation time. She was bummed but it didn’t seem to be too big of a deal.

Later Jo and his girlfriend Vee were talking about it and Vee made some comments about how weird it would be if Isaac was not with his father on Father’s day and that if it were the other way around Kail would never let Isaac go with Jo on Mother’s Day. This must have hit a nerve for Kailyn because she quickly took to Twitter to clear things up.


No, Vee. I wouldn’t feel the same for Mother’s Day. #TeenMom2 I earned the trip through work. I didn’t chose the dates. And I actually did celebrate Mother’s Day on a dif day. No big deal” -Kailyn Lowry

These two just started getting along so I hope they aren’t going backwards. Especially since I can see where they both are coming from. Lets not let this ruin everything!