Nathan Griffith from ‘Teen Mom 2′ wrote a letter to NASA which was briefly published on Jenelle Evans’ Facebook fan page. Yes that happened…. Nathan has an idea and he needs to share this with NASA. So without further ado… BEHOLD! The wise words of Nathan Griffith:

Hello, My name is Nathan Griffith. As we all know NASA has the best of the best when it comes to technology, economic advances and connections to some of the most brilliant minds the world has to offer. Knowing this, I’m sure someone has already thought about this idea or that it has been rejected due to technical flaws. Even saying that I would like to present my idea to NASA. As old or new satellites release transmitters through space, I think we should export an enhance telescope and modify a gun/cannon like object attach to it to project (shoot) a highly durable camera or transmitter. The telescope will be use like a scope on a rifle. As I addressed before, Newton’s first Law, space will allow the object to travel thousands of miles per hour through space until it reaches its destination. Allowing us to search for new discoveries outside our solar system.

What do you think of Nathan’s “brilliant” idea?