Sneak Peek! Leah Devastated Over Corey Fighting for Custody of the Twins:

Leah Calvert Custody

It’s sneak peek time! The upcoming episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ is much anticipated after Corey dropped the bomb that he wants to swap roles with Leah when it comes to caring for their twin daughters.

Leah sits down with her step-dad to talk about the situation and it looks like Leah has some real fear about loosing physical custody of her girls. She says that she “can’t imagine not being the one taking care of them.

Corey decided to file for a change in their agreement after he got two letters from Ali’s therapist threatening to drop her from the program if she didn’t start showing up. Leah swears she only missed two appointments and had good reason for doing so… and Corey needs to start paying more child support! Corey is also fed up with Leah trying to run the show and bossing Corey around when it comes to his insurance company and Ali’s medical bills. In the previous episode Corey expresses concern for the way his daughters are being raised with Leah and Jeremy.

Watch the full sneak peek video here!

Do you think that Corey should have the girls most of the time and Leah should pay him child support… or do you think Corey should just take it and pay up!?


  1. From what the word on the street is, yes, Corey’s support money was taken out of his paycheck. After the court’s initial child support ruling, Corey pleaded poverty to Leah because Jeremy makes more money than Corey does and made her feel guilty about taking so much money from him (Corey) when she has a “rich” husband at home (Jeremy). Leah then gave money back to Corey, refunding most of his money back to him by taking cash withdrawls from her checking acct so the court could not trace it and know that Corey’s court-ordered child support amount was not staying with his children, most of it was being refunded back to him from Leah. In return, he was supposed to pay 60% of the medical bills for his girls. That’s why Lee gives her a stern look when he says something like, This time the court-ordered amount will be the final word. No more off-the-record, back deals with Corey.
    In the car scene, Jeremy was looking over at Leah the entire time that he was talking and saying to Leah to stop crying or he’d be mad; only afterwards when he stopped talking, he glanced at the backseat. This is the same man who hit Leah in the face with a piece of raw bacon.
    Leah is lazy who refuses to cook nutritional meals for her children. It hurts my heart to see Ali get Lunchables from the fridge and to squat down on the dirty floor to eat her “food”, such as it is.
    Leah and Jeremy are cigarette-smoking fiends who leave dirty ashtrays sitting around their apt. and/or house.
    Leah also spends her MTV money on her sister (buying her a new car), and she also gave Mamma Dawn and Lee the down payment on their new house because Mamma Dawn does not make much as a nursing assistant and does not make a big amount from MTV, plus cigarettes are so expensive!

  2. Being a teen mom to a healthy singleton child…. I can’t imagine what Leah is going through…. I don’t think it was a wise decision to choose to have another child with Jeremy when her plate was already overflowing…. bu from what I have seen is a very young mother trying to cope with the stress of having a very sick child… and Cory being in denial about just how sick Ali is…. He isn’t pushing the insurance company for the wheel chair because he doesn’t believe she needs it… I understand that he doesn’t want her to grow dependent upon it before she needs to… but it is a reality that Ali just can’t keep up with children of her own age and with it she is very happy to have the energy to at least do half the things her sister can do… Cory only filed for custody after Leah wanted to up his child support and for her to get full control over Ali’s medical decisions…. It is a scare tactic… nothing more…. Like his lawyer said when talking about mediation…. what can he use to make Leah agreeable to mediate…. and the only thing they could come up with is threatening to take the girls away from her….. Children should not be used as pawns….. As to how Leah chooses to spend her MTV money…. that is up to her… if she helped “Mamma Dawn” who cares… as long as the girls are being provided for. and since she has a “rich husband” I guess that is being done… not to mention she was buying a house that will be more accessible for Ali….and as far as I know…. no child has died because they ate a Lunchable… They are far more nutritious then many other options parents feed their children……

  3. Regardless of her her unfaithfulness to her husband Leah is a fantastic mom!! She loves and cares for all her girls and it shows. I say leave the girls out of it! Or go for 50/50 custody.

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