Jenelle Evans Admits She’s No Longer Breastfeeding

Photo Credit: Erin Dietrich Photography

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans gave birth to her second son Kaiser on a recent episode. She immediately started breastfeeding baby Kai, which is awesome.

However it didn’t take long for people to start pointing out what she is doing wrong. It looks like Jenelle has started smoking cigarettes again. (If she ever stopped.) So fans started getting on her case about smoking while breastfeeding and the baby being around smoke. 


Jenelle clarified via Twitter: “Nobody smokes in my house. We step out on the front or back porch.” She also said, “I stopped breastfeeding. Only did it for one month. So that’s irrelevant.

While I’m a firm believer that “breast is best” I’m certainly not going to judge anyone who formula feeds. It can’t be easy breastfeeding with huge knockers like Jenelle’s! I do however wish she would quit smoking, especially now that she has a newborn around. It’s definitely not a good habit to have. Same goes for Leah Calvert and Maci Bookout!


  1. Seriously, its her life. Why is everyone pointing out the one bad thing she’s doing now? After watching this girl grow into an amazing mother. come on give her some credit she’s awesome!

  2. There is nothing wrong with her smoking or smoking and breast feeding as long as it’s not around the baby and why is it anyone’s business. It’s her life!! Worry about yourself!

  3. Leave her alone ppl she can do what she please and her mom should give jace back to her barb is not better then jennel at least jennel don’t drink around jace like barb does

    • Well, when you put your life on TV and in the publics view you will get criticized. If you don’t want people in your business then keep it to yourself. She definitely has not done that.

  4. Her boobs aren’t THAT big. I’m not pregnant and have never been pregnant (past six weeks I had a miscarriage three years ago) and I have an F cup. But anyway she should be allowed to live her life. At least she stopped b.f. while she’s smoking.

  5. Of course she no longer breastfeeds, those hideous oversized silicone sacks took up all the space. Even after they were “installed” they never appeared as “natural”. Any experienced male could spot a boob job a mile away. Guess she doesn’t know the true meaning of “enhance”; to improve current conditions or characteristics. The end result should be a larger yet natural appearance. Can you say “boob job fail”? Anyone, anyone?

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